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Upvote for this, I have the same problem quite often!

I thought of a couple more things:

1. When using clay and the straight line tool, it can be very hard to line up a stamp with an object and see where it will intersect on down the line. Angle snap helps a little but doesn't work well in every situation. What I would love is something like this Excuse my use of mspaint but essentially you could see the projection and intersections through the length of the tool, and easily see how things are going to look after you subtract clay.

2. When using single instance mode with a stamp, if you hold the trigger down you only get 1 stamp. I get the sound like its making stamps after that, but no clay. But would be useful is an option to hold the trigger down and get multiple stamps, and have them automatically rotate with a slider to adjust that and scale. So if you were laying down a bunch of pebbles there would be some variation to the way each one looks.

That's all for now  ;)

Just a suggestion for more paint brush options, the ability to create the appearance of texture on an object would be much easier if there was some sort of noise/speckle pattern brush.

Also, Dreams looks like the gold standard as far as useful tools for VR sculpting, for anyone not familiar with it take a look at these 2 videos, and all of the different tools they have. It's absolutely amazing.

Modeling a pineapple:

This entine video is good but the water effect used at 32:53 blew my mind:

Nice to have an actual useful forum again  ;D

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