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Hello. Any news on Redshift and substance painter ?

I have set everything up and it's working. But as soon as i apply a mask to my upper layer. The bump shines through again. it's like my mask is negating the replace function
Anyone had this problem ?

i just installed the newest version of your substance plugin for 3ds max. substance 2.2.0
i get this error: "Type error: call needs function or class, got : undefined" and my script editor opens.
I've tried to do the changes in the script that was suggested above. But it did not help.
Any Solution?

Thanks alot. I'll try and play with the curvature map. Is there another Generator that uses the maps. like Mask edit? which works better with the baked textures?

if what you are saying about the normal map is true. Then i should not be able to see it in my renders in my 3D application? Which i sadly was.

Hi. I've been trying to bake some maps in substance painter. I've been baking with a high poly mesh onto a low poly one.

Everything but my Curvature and normal maps looks great. But i don't know how to resolve the Baking on those two maps.
I've added a picture where you can see the different maps. 

When i look at the material i can't see the problems that the normal/curvature causes. But when i start texturing with masks and so on. the problems becomes very obvious.

Is there a solution? I've been trying with different Obj settings, FBX settings. i've even baked in other applications. but it does not help.

All the best

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