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I think im having a similar problem.(image attached)

Sorry for my ugly handwriting.

Thank you!



Does anyone know the workflow for Renderman?

Thank you.


Thaks for your reply, i have done the texturing of my asset, but because that part of the asset is split into 3 pieces I get a seam that is very obvious in the image you could see what I'm talking about.
My question is there a way to paint over that seam to remove it?

Hope my question is clear. :)

Thank you.


Hi guys
Thanks for your answers, now i have another question I have an object that i broken into 2 UDIMS sets, so when i import that object into Substance it creates 2 texture sets one for each UDIM, but since is the same object and will be the same material i want it to treat it as one object but since substance is splitting the texture into 2 UDIMS i have to select one texture set to paint and then the other one, hope i made my self-clear.

Hope someone could help me solve this, and hopefully, there is a fix in substance.

Hi, I'm totally new to Substance Painter and when importing an object I get something like in the attached picture, how can I make it work to see all the faces of the object?

Thank you.

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