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Hi guys,
I just got an email that said my trial is about to expire. I haven't had a trial in 2 yrs lol I do have an indie sub, however. (which Ive had for the same length of time) I logged into check it and it all seems ok on my acct.

Is this some sort of mistake? Just want to make sure my license is ok.

If Adobe could understand the vast percentages they have lost in $$ from that, they might change their tune (tho I wouldnt hold my breath lol)

Sadly, this is not the case. CC has been an immense success story for them. The numbers just do not support this. They haven't lost anything, they have gained. I don't doubt that is exactly what Adobe told to Allegorithmic as well. Don't believe the shitstorm, here are the actual numbers that clearly show the vast majority of people are all over CC. And then of course you can add on top of that other positive (from Adobe's point of view) aspects of CC, like a more controlled and steady stream of money with less risk which results in better development of the software (if it only were so but I'm sure that's what they're saying).

Oh, no doubt. I didn't mean to infer CC tanked... I just meant there is still a large demographic that didn't buy in. So they could make even more money if they'd offer perpetual (and FTR, Im not going by here... its a sentiment that's prevalent all over the web)

I'd just like to say, that yeah, I can see why so many subscribe. Access to updates... and having the access to substance source makes it a killer offer. These are the reasons I have kept it going instead of going perpetual for the moment. But I think for myself, and likely most, the fact it can be perpetual should we become tight on funds (or just choose to make it so) makes it altogether more comfortable. I often cite alleg's pricing structure as being the best in this business. Rent to actually own software is cutting edge, as no one else does it (or at least none that I know of)

I want to stress that, the reason Adobe doesnt have me... is coz I find their pricing structure to be abysmal. If you just get PS, its not that bad. But most people want that +1 or 2 others. Well, they dont have any mid level subs, or pick your own package... its kind of all or one. I obviously wouldn't want to go for all... I dont use all of that, and deem it as a waste of money. And the fact they dont offer perpetual as a pathway, really just sucks. If they did.... they'd still be getting my money (and tons of other ppls as well) Because I don't consider here and now... I consider what if. What if money gets tight? My software gets cancelled and then I cant work to make it. Thats a recipe for disaster and any savvy business person would avoid that situation like the plague.

This software renting thing makes me think... if pencils and pens, paintbrushes and canvas were endlessly rented, instead of purchased right out... and if u stopped paying, they'd come to your studio and revoke them. Nothing in the world works like that... its ridiculous in concept. Think of how many businesses would be out of business if they had to rent the tools over purchasing them straight out as assets. OTOH, if u could rent to own stuff like that... hey, it might be a cool option for someone who is just starting out who has no real capital yet.

(ETA: ok apts and car leases do work like that... but I think its a minority that aspires to that. Most do it out of necessity. For everyone else, there's the option to buy outright)

So yeah, I get that for many, subbing is the way to go. And that's great, actually, as an option. But I think just as equally in portion, people are opposed to renting software, for very valid reasoning.... and having a perpetual pathway would also be awesome. If Adobe could understand the vast percentages they have lost in $$ from that, they might change their tune (tho I wouldnt hold my breath lol)

I agree. This thread has become a bit inflamed and hard to watch. I get that people are upset (as am I... Im not an Adobe fan at all for many reasons, and HATE subscription software with a purple passion) But alleg doesn't really deserve the amount of venom that's being thrown in their general direction.... all of which is based on what people FEAR will happen... not whats definitely going to happen. To this point, they've always had awesome customer service. At least give them the benefit of the doubt, and respect for how they've been thus far.

Also, I doubt they'd kill the perpetual licenses. Not even just because I don't believe either company is THAT malicious (I mean, we all still have and use CS6) but I'm pretty sure that would be a legal mess.

I think we should all just take a wait and see approach. I know its hard, but hey, you know... maybe it won't turn out the way we all fear. If they do go sub only under CC, u can always stick with what you've got now and not buy in.

The hopeful side of me thinks.... maybe just get the perpetual and wait and see (that's what I am doing)

But if u wanna know painting apps....

Bodypaint (which I own) is a good one
Modo does some texturing (its not as robust as Mari tho, as thats obviously dedicated)

None of those really compare to substance painter exactly tho, and the way it works.

There are prolly more out there... thats just off the top of my head

If u want something similar to PS... check out affinity photo

Based on what they say about themselves and their 'vision' here - I wouldn't touch the software with a ten foot barge pole...

Yeah wow. I had no idea about all that. Ive spent the last hour looking the instances of it up for factuality, and yeah... wow. Its true (apparently he changed the EULA back in 09, but still... ugh. At one point it apparently dictated what you could use it for and he was actively going after people over it) I was seriously considering maybe buying that... count me out too.

Let your fingers do the walking lol

I wanted to buy Maya out the gate. When Autodesk went to subscription only (with that laughable pricetag to boot) I bought Modo instead. Straight up bought the perpetual, not the indie.

Yaknow, people may diss the Foundry but they did ok by my book when they "changed Modo to subscription."
  - Got a perpetual?  It's all yours forever.
  - Want a perpetual?  Sure, we got those, too.
  - Want maintenance to keep your perpetual updated?  Sure thing, and you keep the latest copy of the software forever, even if maintenance expires!  Hey, if you get maintenance when you first purchase Modo, we'll even knock $200 off every year, as long as you maintain it.  Let's reward the loyalty.
  - Just want the software for a couple of months?  Here's the subscription options.  You can't keep the software after it runs out, but this'll get you through your current project.
It's like... something for everyone.  And so much better than -any- plain subscription model.  I can't understand why more companies (Autodesk, Adobe, etc.) don't offer both and everything in between.

Oh I love Modo... Im glad maya fell thru, coz I fell right into modo. And I love how their pricing model is laid out too. I feel like foundry nailed that perfectly.

And I agree... I think it would be more fiscally intelligent for these companies to have both/multiple options. I think thats what gets most ppl bent... coz its like theyre saying "no one cares about the little guy"

When adobe announced its CC model... I said no way, not ever.

And I have not. Ive remained on CS6.

I wanted to buy Maya out the gate. When Autodesk went to subscription only (with that laughable pricetag to boot) I bought Modo instead. Straight up bought the perpetual, not the indie.

I was going to upgrade my vue copy from 11 to the current. When they came back and went only subscription, I said nope, not it.

The same thing will happen here. I currently actually hold a sub to substance.... even though I do own perpetual. To get maintenance and substance source, you cant go wrong. But I feel like my willingness to sub to it, is going to be fleeting once Adobe gets their hands on it.

I.Will.Not.Rent.Software. Not now, not ever.

I ran to substance to get away from adobe. This is just awful news indeed.

Having the same prob here. I just came to the forum to see if there was something wrong

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