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I successfully fixed the "TDR" issue by making changes in the Registry. After that, I upgraded my computer from Win-7 to Win-10. The upgrade was installed without issues. When I opened Substance Painter for the first time in Win-10, I received a new error message (attached) stating that an installed custom shell extension (Alienware/Dell Backup service) was a problem and needed to be removed.

My computer:
Dell Precision T7910
Intel(R) CPU E5-2667 v3 @3.20GHz (2 processors)
RAM 64.0 GB
System type 64-bit

Before upgrading to Win-10, I used the DELL backup system that came with the computer. Before the Windows upgrade, I wanted to upgrade my DELL backup software. I found out that DELL had started using a third party, "SoftThinks." I upgraded to SoftThinks and made a good backup before the Win-10 upgrade. Everything went fine. When I opened Substance Painter for the first time in Win-10, I got the warning about the custom shell extension. This message never appeared before, when I was using DELL Backup. If I click "Ignore," Substance Painter opens and I can mess around with it, but I haven't gone any further than that, yet. I can not simply ignore it because the warning pops up each time I open Painter or Substance and there is no option to not show the message any more.

The same thing happens with Substance Designer.

I installed "ShellExView" and ran it. Nothing similar to "Alienware/Dell Backup Service" appeared. Nothing appears in the Registry.

I need help. Thanks.

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