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The geometry mask behaves like a regular mask, if you deactivate it, the mask is not taken into account anymore in the stack. It just has the added benefit of allowing you to also hide geometry if you want to.

Yes those points are still valid and can be used for any project.

We can reproduce the issue here and are looking into it.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: what happenned
 on: April 26, 2021, 01:25:44 am 
Please contact us at

We do not offer perpetual licenses anymore. You can still get perpetual versions on Steam though.

The general rule is that it's ok if the material was made unique in some way, either with lightmap baked in, or mapped to specific UVs, but for example you can't ship the tileable material as is along with road models.

Is it only the drag and drop actions not working?

Yes, Substance files are always forward compatible. Any Substance file generated with an older version of the tool will work in future integrations and Substance enabled apps.

Unfortunately the upgrade discount is limited in time. I would advise to wait for a sale if you want to get the new version at a discount.

There are new versions yearly on Steam with a a loyalty coupon to upgrade.

Hi, this was an option a few years back but has been discontinued.

1. When purchasing through Steam, you will need Steam to be opened to launch and use the software but that's the main difference.
2. There is no plan to remove the Substance tools from Steam at this time.
3. Both licenses should be able to coexist without any issue.
4. Yes, the license is linked to your Steam account, so you can use it from any machine on which you login to Steam.

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