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Please contact us at

The license sync we used to have simply allowed you to launch the app as a standalone without Steam.
Indeed Substance Source materials can only be accessed through the subscription, but with a Steam license you can still download the rotating selection of free materials on Source and all the materials posted on Substance Share.

The admin of the account can use our assignation portal for Pro licenses. please contact us at

Yes in this case if you stop your subscription, you would still be able to use the latest perpetual version you had access to before.

Please contact us as

You should be able to renew starting 30 days before your renewal date but I beleive the subscription will auto renew with no action needed from you.

You should be able to open any Painter file that was created with an older version, not the other way around though.
The subscription does give you access to older builds, all the way back to March 2019 I beleive.

Yes, you keep your unspent points.

That's unfortunately not possible. Any particular reason why you need the 2019 version?

This is total revenue earned by your company (or yourself if you are a freelancer.

For companies (Pro licenses) we can use a PO/invoice with a bank transfer payment.
Please contact us at

What do you mean by "purchase materials while using the Steam version"? Only the subscription give you access to Substance Source.

As a contractor, the revenue limit applies to you as an entity, so you will be in the clear with an Indie license as long as you make less than $100k a year. 

Please contact us at

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