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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Focus on color ?
 on: August 12, 2015, 08:14:19 pm 
Are there any tutorials that focus only on color / diffuse n such ? I've created a substance now I need some color.

Thought I'd post this just incase, I have version 1.4.1.

Other than that I've tried a different object and baked a Curvature map, now what you've suggested does work thanks. However, Filters are only working on Fill layers and Generators are only working on masks.

This is the error message when I try a filter on a mask ...
"[Effect Procedural View] Material effect selected is not compatible with this content."

Just want to add ... When I create a fill layer and add a mask I can't attach a filter, it just won't work although the black & white / transparent ones do.

Same problem ?

I'm making a wall texture with a single poly (UV'd). Thins is, I tried adding a rust filter to a fill layer and it worked the first time but started again and no longer works.

True, open subd seems to be progressing. But Painter still has to deal with a mesh.

Is there any way I can smooth my mesh inside painter ? e.g. In Modo hit tab / shift-tab to subdivide / smooth (not increase polys).

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