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Hi David, and thank you for the response.

So using your example call to sbsrender:
sbsrender render cooked_sbsar.sbsar --set-entry input1@<path-to-first-image> --set-entry input2@<path-to-second-image>

The --set-entry pieces of "input1" and "input2" would be changed to match the node name I gave them in Designer before I cook it to an SBSAR? 

Then I would use the python wrapper you mentioned in such a way where I gather the list of all the images to be processed using python, then feed them into the sbsrender call using a loop till all images are done? 

Also, where are those python files you told me to reference?  I downloaded the Automation Toolkit, installed everything, but there are no sample python files, or am I looking in the wrong place?


So I built a simple graph in Substance Designer, which takes 2 color image inputs, processes them for my desired result, and outputs 2 "finished" images.  The 2 images can be considered a "set" and I have many of these sets of images. 

Is it possible to use the Batch Tools to feed each "set" of input images to the graph and render my 2 output images in a large batch process?  Each image would be named accordingly, i.e. IMG_001_diff.tif and IMG_001_spec.tif. 

So grab the first set, IMG_001_*.tif, plug the corresponding *_diff.tif into proper input 1, and *_spec.tif into input 2, then render the output images.  Repeat this process for each set within an input directory.

How could I do this?


I was wondering if there is a naming scheme, which published Substance materials from Designer adhere to?  I would like to use expressions and scripts to drive Attributes of the Substance material.  I have figured out how to get the names of the attributes, with a right-click and "create new expression".  This will give me that specific attribute.

Does this follow a common convention though?  For example: I have input color nodes in my substance material.  The idea being, once in Maya, I feed input images to the substance for processing and get my output.

What I have found so far with those input color nodes: "dyn_base_D", "dyn_base_L", "dyn_base_S".

This seems to be "dyn_" + "myGivenName" which I can use to reference this Attribute in Maya.  Will this always be the case? 
I want to build a script which can use optionVar stored data to quickly switch inputs that are fed through the substance, but I hope this naming scheme doesn't vary or change. 

Is there a list of how this data handled for the Maya integration?  So I can reference for example, a substance color input is expecting 3 float values or something? 


I am not requesting pre-built dynamic functions, but a way to build a dynamic function, then save it out.  A function such as a simple toggle switch (on or off) like Wes did in his video here:
at time of 19:36 round about.  When you take a parameter and decide to add an "Empty Function", it would be cool if there was an option for a Pre-Built Dyn. Function.  This would create configuration for the variable(s) the function needs and have your node setup that you saved out before.  Mainly to be able to create these dyn functions once and use them over and over again for the more simple tasks like a toggle on and off.  Once you click to load a pre-built dynamic function, there could be a pop up menu asking for values, names, and settings to configure that specific function for your graph here.  These would be settings that the person saving the pre-built function would declare when creating it.


In Substance Painter, it would great to have a particle tool that would simulate "impacts" on the model.  For instance, it could be used to simulate bullet impacts on a tank model (for a loose example).  The particle tool would not need to be influenced by gravity really, and would not need to emit a large number of particles.  Realistically it could work with only emitting one particle with each mouse click that "shoots" at the model and ricochets off then dies, leaving behind the impact mark, chips, and damage.  It could be adjustable with presets for different types of objects to shoot at the model, such as: various bullet types and other projectiles, debris, or impacts from tools.  This is just thought of mine and hopefully if nothing else it inspires another great idea for the already amazing Substance Painter and Substance Designer wonder tools...

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