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Hey! I bought a perpetual license back in 2017 and wanted to upgrade my maintenance this year and now I'm on a fence about what to do? Would you suggest to opt-in for another year on or switch to STEAM? The upgrade is way cheaper than the STEAM version so is there any chance that there will be a discount next year to switch to STEAM? Any downsides of renewing maintenance on substance3d (aside from it the last time I can do it).
Subscription is out of the question for me.

Hello! I'm excited to take part in this competition. I was thinking quite a while about a theme for my art car and decided to go with Japanese traditional patterns and Kimonos. I want to keep my design simple, elegant yet incorporating possibilities which Substance workflow provides.

I started by gathering a reference sheet:

Now I'm preparing patterns with substance designer, while playing with some ideas in Painter.

I hope it will come out cool :)

Thanks man! I'm using it for 2 years now if I remember correctly.

New update, this time it's a final one :)

Hello guys!

My idea for Mat was pretty simple. I've wanted to somehow recreate my own car, 90' Mazda Miata.

Final, till I decide that it need some tweaking.


It's my first post here on Allegorithmic forum as well as my first project using Substance Painter. I fell in love with this software!
But few words about the project itself. The car was originally created by DennisH2010 (Dennis Haupt), who provided the low poly mesh for Substance texturing competition on sketchfab. Based on original mesh I created high poly model in Blender for baking.

I imagined this model as futuristic version of WTCC (World Touring Cars Championship) race car, in other words a heavily modified version of typical road car used for racing. I was inspired mainly by this type of vehicles as well as futuristic concept cars. There were even a few Syd Mead paintings in my reference library but I haven't made huge use of it as I was limited by low poly mesh.

But enough of me talking. Take a look! I hope you will like it ;)

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