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"Finally, when you think about it, Adobe is the only software company in our field developing tools for digital creatives like us, tools that are platform and pipeline agnostic as our tools are, that has millions of users for its products (like us… soon!), and that is so close to our DNA."  -Sebastien Deguy (CEO Allegorithmic)

Is this satire?
The company (Adobe) that barely offers Linux support (if at all) and has been the bane of pipeline integration in every studio I've set foot in, is platform and pipeline agnostic? There's a reason Foundry has more dominance in many industries these days.

Gotta agree.

He cant be serious with that statement and not know of all the integration problems, feedback problems, iteration problems, pricing/licensing problems, et. al. ad nasuem, from Adobe, towards studio setups.

If he really believes that, then I can only assume he has never gone to a partner studio and ask them about their problems.

As a pipeline engineer, 15 years, that is beyond obtuse.

Thanks for answering.

What experience shows is that node based programming languages are rare (for good reason), those which survive either offer a real scripting language or are simply relics of the past (like LabVIEW).

I have very little doubt that a test (have you done any? anecdotal opinions are not as important as results and productivity) would show consistently that those who use an actual scripting language end up being far more productive and having a much easier time reading other people's code and maintaining their own.

And you would be wrong.

18 years of CG industry here (VFX for film, tv and games), 25 in SWE.

DAGs are the way of life: Modo, Lightwave, Softimage, SD, NUKE, and even Maya's texture graphs.

Every single one.

You might not like it, but it is not "anecdotal". It is how this industries toolset(s) have and continue to evolve.

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: UE4 Plugin
 on: April 15, 2014, 09:59:47 pm 
I dont even see the plugin in the list of plugins. I have moved it around to various spots just to make sure I am loading it in the correct location.

So +)  at least you got feedback !

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