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That's a cool could almost go for a cool futuristic watch/clock...maybe digital?  :o

Thanks! It was my incredibly loud analog alarm this morning which brought me the idea))) So I was thinking about analog Cogsworth-like ClockMAT, but now I'll consider digital version as well  ;)


For now I have an idea for ClockMAT. :)
I will try to develop it more in the next couple of days.

Does it happen on a simple graph or a specific one ?
It doesn't matter. It crashes on both empty graph as well as any specific one.

I've tried to reinstall SD for a couple of times and suddenly it works fine again. Strange...
So whatever the problem was it's OK now.

Substance Designer crashes on every single attempt to change the output size of the graph after 5.3.1 update. It happens if size method is set to "Relative To Parent".

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