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Really cool design, look and feel :) . Amazing job !  :o ;D

I've finally looked through several first pages of entries and man! There are some gorgeous ones! I want to wish a good luck to other artists and to thank Allegorithmic and all the sponsors for such an amazing competition. It's been a great pleasure to be part of it. ;)

Guys, the form for sending work is blocked, on the clock 11.30 PST,
what to do? Help me please! SOS!!

Try writing here.
Hope they'll do something.

Oh yes! Definitely one of those.

Lovely! Among my favorites.  :)

Cool idea to split his face to different parts of the body. Slime is looking neat. My appreciation ;)

The funniest one I've seen. Kudos!

Don't shoot! I'm only watching!
And admiring it very much to tell you the truth. :)

Excelent reincarnation of Mr. Vader  8)

Hey, my evil brother!)))

And here is the kicker. Having my work compared to Pavel Vlasov's in my eyes is tremendously positive feedback.

You are putting me to the blush. I'm not that experienced either) But thank you for such a kind words anyway.

You didn't report back 'bout your hard edges. Did it get any better?

This looks very convincing. Great hand painted details.

Man! If all this stuff is handpainted inside the SP have my huge kudos.

Amazing details. One of the best astronauts around here. My congratulations. ;)

Such a clean execution for such a lovely idea! Well done.

Hey, my digital bro!)))
Nice one! ;)

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