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I share the same sediments as everyone else. Its been worded and memed better than I could.
I truly loved you guys. I will return in 5 years to lament.

Good to meet you on the forum Masterxeon1001 :-) Shame it's under these circumstances.

I would recommend saving installation versions (and licenses) of your Suite on a cloud, so that you don't need to visit the website to reinstall at any time (or on new computers).

This way you can also potentially downgrade if Adobe sneaks something into a future install. It could even be a subtle re-wording of the agreement you have to look at before each reinstallation, which may trick you into something you don't actually want.

Speaking of sneaking things in....
I noticed an update available this morning in SP where one of the items was like License: Install automatically into a user folder.
Anyone know where I can find out a bit more on what that actually means?
Could be nothing, but I wont't be trusting Adobe ever again so am suitably suspicious of everything right now - and seeing this just a couple days after the announcement...

I've been doing 3D Graphics since 1999. I've seen enough of this BS over the years to know I don't want to stick around to see the results of your decision, Allegorithmic. I really don't want to have any part of it or Adobe.

I never liked the Adobe approach to business, but when all my personal details (and 38 million others) were hacked from Adobe Cloud due to their lacklustre security without so much as an appology I dropped them like a hot stone and will NEVER be going back.

So I'll stick with you for the next few weeks whilst I find an alternative then it's adios. I'm not investing any more time or £ in this.

Jeez. So disapointing.

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