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Hi guys, I've been messing around a lot with the $Time variable to capture some cool looking effects on substances. I would like to create a whole package of sci fi assets involving holograms. I've linked a test material.

If it pleases you, the linked material is free to use. It's a test and I'd like to know more about the performance hit of animated substances like this in game engines. As you can see, there's a lot going on in this material.

Can I get away with this (easily) in a game engine? Is there a cheaper way to capture these sort of effects? I'd like as much feedback on this as possible, I can't find very much information about it online (surprisingly, or I'm not looking in the right place). My knowledge of game engines is limited and I'd like to know more.

Thanks a bunch!

I don't know if it's just me, but the true/false button for turning the environment map on and off in the 3D viewport only works in Iray now. Which sucks because I like to work with it off. :P

Yep, I know it's insignificant. I don't care :D

I love Substance Designer's splash screen. Substance Painter needs a bitchin' splash screen.

With such amazing art in Allegorithmic's gallery it should be easy. Do it. Doo iiit.

If this already exists please tell me how.

When rotating alphas I would like to be able to hold down shift (or something) so it snaps every 15 degrees.

A great feature would be to have a step size slider below the angle rotation slider.

I'm not sure how much of this could be implemented, based on the file size of Substance Painter files... but I think this would be a cool idea so I'm throwing it out there anyway.

Working with other artists on a team, sketchfab could become a cool way to pass around a project. Iterations could be previewed immediately.

If by  1.) making an object downloadable, it could include the Substance Painter project file instead of/with textures, and 2.) re-upload the project to over-write a model already uploaded on sketchfab.

I'm not sure how much of this could be implemented, but I think over-writing an existing posted model would be pretty great (unless there's already a way to do this from substance painter.... ?) :-\

I've been using Substance Painter's IRay to create some really awesome buttons and sprites, to make UI elements for my game. I set the camera to an orthographic view and render; the results are pretty great and it's fast/easy. But I noticed there is some background noise in the renders, and I assume this is because the shadow is also being rendered? Is there a way to get rid of this or turn shadows off?:P

In the Attributes tab for an input node I see an option called "set as primary". What does this do? I can't find it in the documentation. Things seem to work fine with my substances, so I was curious.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Maya style icons
 on: March 23, 2016, 06:48:16 am 
I always loved Maya's icons for their tools. They are very graphic little representations of what the tool does and they look really nice. Better than most programs imo.

Not that I'm complaining about Substance Painter 2's new look; I think it's great. But I think it would look slick with a more graphic toolbar :) And be even easier to see as well.

I've earned enough points to get an indie license for SP, even though I'm no longer subscribed. But nothing happens when I try to purchase. My points stay the same and no indie license.

I'd like to get an indie license and upgrade, if possible. Any help with this? Why isn't this working?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Plugins tab?
 on: March 16, 2016, 08:37:33 pm 
I'm very curious about this! I suppose I'll find out soon...

*Edit: I figured out this problem by adding a few edge loops and triangulating. Still funny that it looks fine in Painter initially.

I remember talking about this issue before when it happened to someone else, but can't find the thread; I don't know if the issue was ever resolved.

There is an inconsistency between what painter's viewport shows me and how the textures appear in other programs.

Here I have painted a quick label for a small low-poly whiskey bottle asset. The exported textures show up badly warped in every other program, including Substance Designer. I've tried rebuilding the UVs, and triangluating the mesh. Triangulating helps quite a bit, but there is still significant warping.

I've been running into this from time to time and would like to know how to get around this. Substance Painter is fun for quick logos, but I may just have to do it in Designer if this keeps happening.

Any idea on what this might be and how to fix it? Why does it only look fine in Painter?

This is something in Unity and Blender. Hover the mouse over a window, Shift+ Spacebar, expands the whole window under the mouse, and vice-versa.

I choose my material, my brush settings, Shift + Space and my whole viewport is the 3D view. If I need to adjust something I Shift + Space back to the UI and make adjustments.

This feature is super, duper, mega awesome in Unity and Blender. Absolutely no fighting with the UI for space.

* This feature would also be equally handy and badass in Substance Designer.

I am so sick of trying to figure out how to fix this problem. I've posted about it before but never got to the bottom of it. I want to use the Edge Detect node because it's one of my favorite nodes, but it only works half the time in the SSE2 engine (and Unity 5). I WANT THIS TO WORK!! I would love to know a work-around to get this node to do the same thing in both engines.

The first image is what I WANT my material to look like. I named it "Corridors"...

The second is what I get in SSE2 and Unity 5. I named it "Jesus Fish with Turkey Legs"....

The third and fourth screenshots show the same edge detect output. One is in Designer and the second is Substance Player.

somebody please, please help me figure this out. Sometimes edge detect works the way I want, and sometimes it pisses me off and ruins an entire project. Even a work-around would be very, very much appreciated.

Thank you,


Content - Substance Share - Since I can't reply to these...
 on: November 12, 2015, 05:57:22 pm 
"Hi pawnswizard,

Your asset "Labyrinth_Ceiling" has been rejected on Substance Share.


I see you have submit two materials for the Sci-Fi category. You can enter in as many categories as you feel like but you are limited to only one entry per category.

So i invite you to check your subimissions (Time Machine and Labyrinth_Ceiling) and request a delete for the material you don't want to keep.

you have until Thursday November 12th at 11:59PM PST to clean that.

Good luck to you and thank you!"

* It wasn't for the contest. It was for the web page's main (not the contest) sci fi category and has bitmaps in it, as explained in the material description.

I first discovered this issue in Unity, but didn't get around to figuring out how to fix it until Iray made it painfully obvious.

The Normal-to-Height works great for natural surfaces, but it leaves warps in a hard flat surface design. I've begun making my own height maps with flat grayscale values and the results are beautiful. But it's time-consuming.

I was hoping there was some nodes or method I've missed, to get a really clean height map for flat surfaces (I've been using masks and playing with grayscale values to build my own height maps). Messing with the frequencies on a Normal-to-Height doesn't help.

I've posted some screenshots. The first is the standard normal-to-height which causes wonky ripples in the pattern, and the second is one I put together for the same design to create clean flat heights. (There is some sleight grayscale variation because I masked off some pieces so they wouldn't bleed off into each other and cause ripples.)

The results I get with flat grayscale values for a hard-surface pattern are night and day difference, especially in Iray. It looks amazing. I'd love a way to do this faster.

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