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I'm fighting my way through SP to DAZ at the moment as well ;-)
You want to add the opacity map in "Texture Set Settings" and add it in your export preset. (I'm still experimenting with the right format, though.) Rendering in SP Iray works; using the generated maps in DAZ, not so much. :-(

Hope this helps.

Hi, are you located in Germany? In some countries Paypal does not support paying for subscriptions, and in these cases credit cards are the only option at the moment.
Same problem here. But, there shouldn't be a problem according to PayPal Germany. Rather strange.


First: I wish you guys best of luck, seriously. If this move allows you to breath freely and concentrate to improve your excellent software, then I'm all for it.

That said, as a Mac user my gripe is with the software Adobe uses to control the subscription, Creative Cloud. The software grabs an obscene amount of RAM at times (>500MB) and really does not behave well in tight memory conditions. During one, admittedly huge raytracing job, huge in regard of textures and tessellation, CC put a break on Iray by grabbing even more memory to tell me that it "needs to be reapaired" thus slowing Iray down to a crawl. End of story, the allotted time ran out (>8 hours) and the render was far from done. I was able to repeat this behavior multiple times.

The way to avoid this is simply killing all Adobe-processes. Granted, my next Mac will have more RAM, but I need this RAM to finally tesselate things I didn't dare to tesselate with the available RAM and not to satisfy CC's hunger for RAM.

Long story short, I ended my Adobe subscription to not find my Mac in an idle loop when expecting a finished raytrace or encoded videos when not supervising it all the time.

I know that there is not much you guys could do about this. I just wanted to voice my concern. Your subscription model is, IMHO, great. I'm just scared of the inevitable changes to the way the licensing is controlled.

Keep up your excellent work,

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