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My perpetual yearly maintenance expires in August 2019 (purchased it in August 2018.)  Can I expect the same quality up of updates (maintenance) for the 6-7 months that I paid for?  Or will the "crew" be working on updating there letterheads, resumes, and Adobe stuff like company training and integration into CC?  Should I be afraid of installing an update to Designer or Paint before my yearly maintenance ends?

Like many others, I maintain an Adobe free workflow and will continue that in the future.

I have the same question. (My perpetual license expires in November of this year, and I wonder, too, if there will be any real updates and if the answer is yes, will they actually be safe to install them now with Adobe having their hands in the jar.)

Like others, I've also wondered why Allego couldn't just raise the price if they needed the money to expand. But I guess Adobe offered a bigger amount than what they could have gotten from us, their customers. Plus, apparently, Adobe has been grooming Allego for quite some time for this.

For Adobe, it makes sense to acquire Substance: I imagine they lost a lot of customers who didn't need Photoshop anymore for texturing. And for studios and people who already pay subscription to Adobe this might not be a big deal. But for those of us who refuse to go the subscription route (especially with Adobe) and don't want to lose the possibility of having perpetual licenses this is quite tragic.

We totally understand your fears, and we were expecting such reactions.
We chose to go and work with Adobe (nobody or nothing forced us to do this) because we truly believe this is the best move to still help rock the 3d world. We obviously talked a lot with Adobe people before doing this move, and we know that it's now our job to show you why we did it. We don't expect you to take any words for granting, this is by our actions that we will show you why we did it :)

In the meantime, you can read the blogpost from our CEO, explaining his feelings about it:

The question is, did this choice happen because you needed to merge for the benefit of your customer base? Or did this happen as per the post below which was strictly about meeting quarterly targets?

This merge happened because we chose it, and we believe in the project for which Adobe gave us the keys.
We've had lots of offers in the last years, and we decided to go with Adobe because we truly believe in it.

And we now have to prove you why we did this :)

I do appreciate your reply. It would help a lot of people if we could know exactly what benefits we're going to see from this merger. We all love Substance and the negativity in this thread is solely based on not wanting to see something we love using day to day go away, or become priced in a way that smaller studios cannot afford the subscription fees. I already know people are going to say what has been green lighted, but these are all valid concerns especially when Adobe has touched other companies less than desirable results have occurred.

If Adobe allows Allegorithmic to continue doing what they do best, and keep the packages at a reasonable rate I'm sure most people will be fine, but with news about merging into Creative Cloud, well... that doesn't seem too promising.

We obviously cannot say much yet, and today the only thing we can say is that if you trusted us in the past, please trust us, even just a little bit, when we say we feel it's the best chance to go on improving the 3d world. And we will prove you why we did this.

This is always what companies say when they've been bought out. And then, sooner or later, reality sets in.

We will announce new licensing options later this year, but again, rest assure it will be cheap and have a lot of value, we wouldn't settle for anything else.

Translation: subscription model. But if you do that, please don't take away the perpetual licenses. (Though, as someone has mentioned already, you might not be able to make that decision yourselves anymore.)

Every time a software or website I used got bought by another, bigger company, things got worse for us, the customers. Some of them were axed, some just got bad. It might not happen overnight, but eventually, I'm afraid it might happen with Substance, too.

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