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Probably going to be my last post on these forums.

First of all id like to thank every person that has participated on these forums over the years - you people have always been helpfull and wonderfull and i wish you nothing but success and happiness!

I'd like to say a big thank you to every indie dev studio, individual developers, enthusiasts and pros who have been such an inspiration to me over the years, i wish all your projects to be the best they can be.

I'd like to thank Allegorithmic of 2017 - back when i discovered the joy of its products via steam, that enabled me to create what i wanted, you will be missed.

A collossal thank you and eternal gratitute to everyone who works with and on Blender and UE4 you guys are literally my lifeline.

Finally a big thanks to everyone who was on forum today saying the truth of how it is in the face of bastards lieing to us. You guys made me discover programs i never even heard of: Mari and Quixel, for that you have my sincere thanks. After a few hours of deliberations i found my new if per chance temporary home @Quixel.

Its a shame Allegorithmic died today and i share the pain and anger of all of you, yet we have no choice but to move on. One day we all will finish our projects! We all will make it! (except Allegorithmic they are fucked) Keep trying your best lads! I look forward to seeing and being excited about your stuff just as i hope you will one day admire mine.

May the blessings of the universe be with you all!~ <3

A word of warning, be careful with perpetual license. At the end of the day you're purchasing perpetual access to Substance in an agreement with Allegorithmic and when they cease to be Allegorithmic then your license granter no longer exists and that license is invalid. They will just turn off the current licensing servers.

The same happened with InstaLOD. They sold licenses for UE4 integrations and when they decided to rebrand the company all those licenses just died overnight and don't function anymore.

Download the executables, extract, transport shelf preferrably to a separate computer preferrably without internet access (alternatively timefreeze current version by hard disabling its connection) huzzah your miniature time machine to 'back when allegorithmic existed' is functional :3
Alternatively there is 1) pirating! 2) competitors! (likely making better products for less since they are not partnered with adobe)

And while that situation with instaLOD(which i know nothing about) might be unfortunate, UE4 is fantastic. Adobe is pure shit tho so nothing to be excited about.

You know what would have been personally acceptable for me?

Adobe leaves you COMPLETELY alone, they dont get say in ANYTHING and only provide extra funding expecting nothing in return but your products on their platform SEPARATELY from every other released version. You continue as you have before - releasing on steam, here etc all same prices and policies.

Meanwhile on their shitty CC they can release the same versions we would have as standalones without ANY input on their part - Adobe acting ONLY as distributor and not interfering with anything you already had going. No reallocation of funds, - Allegorithmic division having separate income from its all 'other sales' (not from cc) going directly to it.
Also stipulation of public execution of anyone attempting ANY further intergration under any pretense.

That would be fine with me. Sadly this is not going to happen. Dont delude yourselves or try to lie about it to us, everyone here knows what will transpire.

Time to learn Mari.

Can't afford $2000 for that. Yikes.

You'll be paying $2000 in 2 years of the Creative Cloud license, and with Adobe that means you'll get 1 new feature for Substance in that time period. At least with that $2000 for Mari you own it forever.

Could you please tell me more about Mari? Im looking for alternatives. Does it go well with blender and ue4? Does it have a material library like substance share once did (it will be gone super soon with adobe in charge). Their website appears to be having maintenance atm.

Started On 2018-07-28 Cancelled on 2019-01-23 by user
Started On 2018-07-30 Cancelled on 2019-01-23 by user

This is my response to your "exciting developments".
Never in my life will i support leased software.

I dare you to make a poll about about how well customers are taking this and let only us take part in it (no 'people' from adobe or your own employees taking part in voting).

I tell you what make a bloody poll and see if people are 'happy and excited' by these news. Cancel any agreement you had with adobe this is a disaster.

You sold your soul, buddies.
@Developers: Flee as fast as you can!
Not a single developer wants to leave right now. ;)

Yeah, give it a few years, there will be nothing left of allegorithmic or how the software became beloved. You guys need to undo whatever agreement you had fast, join Epic instead, work with them, they are a very reasonable company.
But i guess its pointless even if half the userbase reacts negatively "you guys will see it will be great" thats what is said every time and every time it all detereorates.

I dont use any adobe products for a multitude of reasons and these news are VERY unwelcome. I have enjoyed painter, designer and source very much, but now with adobe? I guess ill just have to stick with old versions on steam.

Very dissapointed and upset.

To all people who use substance Share: adobe WILL get rid of it, get what you can from it fast.

If you want TextureSets to be created by material, you need to deactivate the 'create a texture set per udim tile' option.

If you activate that option, you need to lay out your UVs in tiles to get multiple texture sets in Painter. Material assignments have no effect in this case.

Thank you very much, that indeed solved the issue. <3 Still not sure why it was checked in the first place.

Hi! I have been gone like 2 months from creating things, fired up SP today and was surprised to find out every single mesh (from blender) i try to use now generates a single '1001' texture set instead of what materials are named in blender. I have the import options of "create texture set per UDIM tile" as before but its not working for whatever reason.

Tried it on a few meshes none seemed to work (those i successfully painted and plugged to my ue4 project included and a fast test object). What am i doing wrong? D:

Edited: Solved, big thanks to Volker for the help!

Regarding the extra points, it is possible to purchase some extra if you need them!
You can subscribe for an additional Substance subscription with the same account, only for one month for example, and you will get 30 additionnal downloads. You can then unsubscribe before the end of the month if you don't think you will need more points the next month, as the points do not decay over time you will keep them even if you have unsubscribed you will not have to worry about having to use them all in a short amount of time.

I didn't know that! Thank you very much! All those great textures here i come!

Regarding Substance Share materials, they are not owned by Allegorithmic and follow a different EULA than the Substance Source one.
They are offered for free by the artists who made them, and can be used by anyone as long as the artists are credited for their work. They should stay for free on Substance Share for anyone who needs them, they are also used a lot for educational purposes!
This is why we do not offer them on Substance Source. :)

Well i was thinking maybe in the future best of the share textures could be recreated by professionals with extra options, - really those options make the materials on source so good - you can tweak them to get JUST the right one, - from one basis a hundred variations.

I hope this answered your questions!

Absolutely! Thank you! And thanks for all the hard work.

I mean once the library of the materials is huge sure that might not be an issue, but when you are just getting the source the 30 downloads are a bit limiting. So i was wondering if perhaps a way will be implemented to purchase some extra points.

Like say you get particularly inspired and just go to town but suddenly no more downloads... i cant make substance designer work for the life of me so its only whats on the share, handwaving in painter/corel for me.

That said i absolutely love the integration with UE4 and SS on paper looks like an amazing idea. Its just the number of downloads is panicking me "what if i'll need this or that urgentry?! I want to try this marble and that one and this one AAAAAA ILL RUN OUT OF THINGS IF I GET THEM ALL".

Much love and thanks for all the hard work! <3

Edited: You guys should also get that wood for the source its amazing. Was surprised thats not in options for source. Come to think of it there are a lot of outstanding things on share that should be in source at some point.

That solved it -(unchecking the UDIM) thank you very much, Vincent! <3 I have been struggling with it for so long! May all your projects be 10/10 with awe inspiring sales figures <3.

Attached the textureset screenshot and the files themselves.

*its just a quick model for testing, nothing interesting about it*

Thanks for letting me know how to do that! It totally did not look clickable to me >.<

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