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Hi everyone,

I said "For the moment" which means we might support this in the future.

About the Non-official term, for me non-official means "not out of the Apple factory". Currently we only officially support the Apple Drivers and not the Web Drivers.

Supporting flashed cards with web drivers on Mac will ask some times. It's something we want to address, for sure but for the moment I can't give you any ETA.

I have just created a request about your issue in our Database and I'll keep you informed as soon as I have more information.


Hi Guys,

After some investigations it seems that all the users concerned by this issue are running on non-official Apple configuration.
For the moment we don't support this type of configuration, therefore we can't provide support for it.

Please take a look at our system requirements page to see which systems are supported:


Hi Guys,

- From the video, I can see several software running at the same time, this could be one of your problems.

- When you say Medium to Large meshes, could you be more explicit or maybe send me one of your meshes and/or Projects to investigate your issue ?

- @waltage could you send me your log file please

- When you are painting is it possible with MSI Afterburner your GPU and memory activity ?

Here is our documentation regarding performances:


Hi guys,

This log (Error) is related to the fact that the mtl file is missing.
There is no big issue, and this error doesn't compromise your projects.

If you really want to remove this message from your log, please open your .obj file with a text editor and add "g default" just below these lines:
mtllib "obj name".mtl
mtllib "material name"   
g default

Here is an example done on the obj file provided by hus.benyahya
# author: headus 3D tools
#  using: ply2obj v1.8
#   from: uvlayout v2.09.04
mtllib Toy_Edit.mtl
mtllib Wooden
g default
# 6818 vertices
v 0.00000 1.49000 -37.52300
v -18.76150 1.49000 -32.49591
v -32.49590 1.49000 -18.76150
v -37.52300 1.49000 0.00000
v -32.49590 1.49000 18.76150
v -18.76150 1.49000 32.49590


Hi Ivan,

I investigate you issue.
Could you try to update your GPU Driver and see if that fix the problem ?


Hi Guys,

The issue you reported is now fixed in the current under development version of Painter. It will be released next week.
Please let us know if you still experience the same behavior in the next version of Substance Painter 2017.4.2.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.   


Hi Guys,

Drew sent me his project and I presume that in your DCC software you changed the name of your material ?
This action changed the name of your Texture set so, you must reassign the old texture to the new one in:
Settings > TextureSet List > Reassign Texturet Sets

Keep me informed

Hi guys,

Please, send me your projects to investigate the issue.


Is the last update fixed your problem?


Your dedicated GPU is probably not recognized by Painter, please follow this link to fix your issue.


Could you send me your project and your meshes in PM, please ?


Hi Everyone,

This issue is in our Backlog and this is something we want to address ASAP.
While waiting for the fix, here is a workaround:

Simply Right Click on the "Source" window and click on "Maximize"   
This manipulation should solve your problem.


Hi Echu,

The easiest way is to send me your project to produce your problem on my computer.
Do you think it's possible?

Also, can you check if you are concerned by one of these cases:


Hi Peter,

It seems the issue you reported is already in our internal database, this is something we want to address. Unfortunately, we can't give any ETA for the moment.


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