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Let me clarify some things :
- When working inside Painter the maximum resolution is 4K
- 8K resolution is only available during export (for stability and performances reasons).
- You can import 8K textures, they will be displayed at 4K, but then exported at 8K properly.
- The dropdown is just too big, there is no "hidden" option

Oops... in that case everything is working perfectly and I was confused about the import vs display res. Off to go purchase software before the steam sale ends, :-) thanks for your help!

You said "you can import 8k texture and they will be displayed in 4k but exported in 8k" )) strage because if I created 4k canvas
and import 8k texture iside I need to scale 0.5 factor to see full texture right ?
how can I work in 8k if my canvas is 4k ?
when do you plan to  fully implement 8k workflow ?  its highly anticipated feature I'm sure

exporting 8k in painter it means you doubleing the resolution of your art inside )
it means image is streched , I can do same in photoshop for every map
or maybe I missed something ? 

or studios do everything with high resolution mesh and displacement maps ? (which is the same as mesh for ram at least)
I know high res mesh is better if you can afford it but anyway
can I use normal maps in animation movie? 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - SSS Shader
 on: July 11, 2016, 05:21:58 pm 
paint skin and see how it looks with Iray


Indeed the render uses displacement. You can use the "Height" output (in case you want all frequencies) or the "Displacement" output (and set its resolution in the "Relief" group).

If you use B2M on Windows, you also have the possibility to get a preview using the "Tessellation" shader (picture joined to this comment). By clicking on "Materials>Default>Edit" you can modify the "Scale" parameter in order to affect the displacement amount. The "Tessellation Factor" is here to subdivide your model (in order to get a proper result).

thank you for your comprehensive answer

let me ask you this , new versions of your softwares has 8k experimental support
but I can't create 8k image in painter nor in designer it only allowes 4k
you can say 8k is for export only , ok then what is the reason to export 8k if you can't work in 8k
if you paint in 4k and export in 8k it will stretch your image right ?


in that video on 0:34 there is a box with actual displacement on it
I mean all sides are displaced
I know that normal maps its only illusion like bump map 

I assume that box is a height map on displacemend height channel , right ? its not a normal map I mean

or they do everything with high resolution mesh ?
I know high res mesh is better if you can afford it but anyway

painter 2.1, can't import map , I have Jpg file I need to UV project it onto surface but I cant import it
it shows that black little circle with line , you know the sign I'm sure )
tried to drag over different places.. nothing ...

Hello, could you please consider including by default a new environment map with some light coming from the bottom or at least the option to rotate the current one along the horizontal axis? Sometimes is quite hard to get the details that are facing down.
Thank you.

You can put your own HDRI maps inside software folder, and use it .
create HDRI with HDRI light studio for example
you can emit light from bottom top whatewer you want ...
hope it helps

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