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Hey WalterSulivan,

I'll move that to the feature request section.

Right now you can just type in .2 (point two) to get 0.2 as a value.

Best Regards

thank you ...
the point here was to avoid typing . (point) in that case you need to take hand of keyboard
with that function I described you have hand on numpad
but I don't think that request will be treated seriously
but thank you for moving it to that list

I'm quite happy for them to not release a new version anytime soon. Version 5.6 just came out today with some nice new nodes in it, and they release updates very frequently as it is.

mmm... 5.6 )) I thought after 5.5 would come 6 directly
but 5.6 its not a bad option
6 version will be much better than 5.6 I'm sure
designer is little bit difficult , I was hoping on some simplifications

its been a 4 month after 5.5
how do you think will it happen before 2017 ? 

Please post your issue in a dedicated thread, not here.

Hello !
after 3 month of not asking anything, I will try to get something from you again )
Any ETA on UDIMs full support ?

Painter 2.3 freeze my Computer and I have to reboot. Does anyone else have this problem?
Please post in a dedicated thread with your log file.

2.3 PS export is a nice move against quixel but
still no full UDIM support .... its horrible
I posted almost 6 month ago that you guys should support UDIMs fully I mean
we need to paint on object regardless its tile number, and paint like in mari
it was almost 6 month ago , I received answer "its coming"
 :-[ , breaking my heart and not only mine ) look at the comments on youtube regarding that anticipated feature

Hello !
I guess substance painter went to sleep for a long time
its like a clinical death  (((

It maybe LOOKS like it, if you only pay attention to the original dates of the thread.

Read the FIRST entry in this thread:
"Substance Painter 2.1.1 (Released 1 July 2016)"

Two months from the last release is far from clinically dead.

Yes, definitely not dead : ) Painter is a flagship product and we actively update it all the time. We have a new update coming next week as well : )


Busy downloading 2.2.2 at this very moment...   :)

wow its great but ! 2.2.2 is not in the change log
what is changed in new update ?

Hello !
I guess substance painter went to sleep for a long time
its like a clinical death  (((

I'm using 4k monitor (maybe thats the reason of such behavior) but anyway, it should not do that, I suppose .
I'm using new 5.5 SD , after pressing "pick" it cuts the monitor screen like on image 2

best regards !

Pretty sure you can. Try combining some masks from Splatter Circulars or you make your own solution via fx maps.

thank you , I will try


will there be UDIM support in the future in Substance Designer, since Substance Painter is supposed to get it. Given that painter and designer are somehow going to work together, I guess this should be on the roadmap, right?


what task can you have, that will require UDIM in designer
what you can't do now, that requires UDIM ? and without UDIM is impossible
if you can give an example, please.

I need round pavement
any chance to do that ?

I want to move light in viewport to see how it affects normal map
but cant move light ... pushing shift button does nothing
using pbr specullar glossiness
maybe its a bug  ?

Hello !
I need to manipulate light over an object
with pbr specular roughness material i see normal but can't manipulate light , when using blinn material I cants see light moving because
cant see normal maps with blinn

can see normal only when pbr

I think software like substance designer
and all 3d softwares should have that ...
lets say you need to type 0.5 , its not a plesure to take a hand all the time
make some automatic conversation (if non string input starts from 0, then put point automatically )

and if i need 0.02 I will input 002 if 0.0003 = 00003

its small but very good function

Substance Painter is fully non-destructive, this means we store the data of each brush strokes and operations to be able to re-do it a any texture resolution. Exporting to 8K is not a simple "up-scale" like a in Photoshop, it's a full recomputation of your texture set at this resolution. Basically we redo your brush strokes at the resolution you asked.

As explained is an other thread, you can't work in 8K directly because the amount of ram, vram, and processing power required makes it impossible at the moment to be able to work at 8K inside the application (it wouldn't be realtime, and therefore pleasant to work with). That's why it's only available during export (we also do some optimizations at this point).

as I understand if you painting in 4k with 8k textures it will show you a 4k but will save it in 8k during recomputation
 thats makes a sense , thanks

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