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I can't give an exact timeline, as it hasn't been determined yet, but the estimate is sometime in the next couple of months.

The 2.0 plugin, which is still in development, currently works with up to 4k on the CPU engine, and 8k textures on the GPU engine.

As I said that maya 2019 ships with 1.4 that can output GPU 4k, it's correct right  ? 
in 1.3 it could only do 2k

Hi Wes,
Any idea of ETA of 2.0? Will it support 4K?

It's 1.4 now and it already outputs 4k .

I would like to ask Wes , 2.0 plugin can we test it ? and what output you're going to hit with 2.0 ?
you said later this year Q1 2 3 ?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Baking issues
 on: June 19, 2017, 10:55:52 pm 
you will never bake such model without super subtle work on UVs 99% it's overlapping

Are you using the spec/gloss shader, and are those outputs set to render in the viewport?

I'm not sure about texture filtering.

yes specular glossiness workflow , where to check they are checked or not ? 

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - my second work in SD
 on: June 03, 2017, 03:34:31 pm 
Hi !
I know I'm a beginner but Hope it's not horrible ))

I'm putting black uniform color in spec and glossiness but in viewport nothing changes
1)is there any chance to disable spec completely ?
2) any chance to disable smoothing on textures (filtering)



I even tried smooth mesh in maya and reimport high resolution mesh

(( yes . activated 8x8 AA
and resolution is 2048x2048 for world normal map
I think problem is small gaps between tire pattern
how can I solve it ? 

Hello !

That tire is imported with fbx from maya
you can see UVs I think there is no problems with UVs

what might be a issue here ? I tried many baker settings but still no result

curvature map also the same , as far as I know curvature is derived from normal
so if normal is incorrect then curvature will be with defects also

I think I understand my mistake , I just forgot about fact everything anyway ends with map size
it will be always repetitive , though seamless .
I was just hoping that there is some magic thing like in maya take my 100m X 100m area mesh,  and scatter sand and stones there , so every stone is different and unique .

I have sand substance material archive , imported into maya with "substance node" plugin 
all looks good , normals, base color, displace etc etc ,

but when tilling it becomes repetitive, and that's logical , when tilling it repeats the image ,
So I have presculpted model of a ground and I want to make that substance seamless , I want that sand and stones to be generated all over the surface seamlessly in maya, regardless size and form or proportion of the mesh .

any chance ?

hello there,
I'm new with Substance and UE material editor, i don't really have that much knowledge creating materials,

I've been using substance and I'm facing a bit of a problem
when I import substance instances and i put them to 4k size textures
but the materials always looks repeated even within a small area [for example: a room (6 m * 6 m ) the floor tiling is basically 9 individual tiles and repeated all along ]

also I've used the "Game Textures Material Pack" and they look seamless even on large areas

i understand that substance is a procedural texture creating tool, but

is there a way to make the materials look seamless?
like make every tile an individual random seed

also I've read something about noise adding but weren't able to find any tutorials on how to do that

I'd appreciate any help or tutorials that could make me understand how to create seamless materials with substance.

thank you in advanced.

ps i'm using UE 4.11.2 for architectural visualizations [interior & exterior]


Can you post some images of what you are getting with the Substance vs what you have with game textures? Are you creating your own substances or using stock substance materials? Game Textures is using Substance as well.

If the details are very intricate then it becomes much easier to see a repeating pattern. You can alleviate this by applying some larger noises on top to help blend. You can do this using various techniques such as blending a noise with the blend node or in the case of using a material you can use the material blend node.



Did you look at this post?

thank you , seems like it needs some research before just pluging textures , will read that topic

Found solution , thanks again

Hello ! I've done with brake material in substance painter
when exported I've chosen arnold preset
I'm trying to have same look , I have HDRI in maya , but look is not even close to one that was in painter
what I'm doing wrong ? thank you !

the point here was to avoid typing . (point) in that case you need to take hand of keyboard
with that function I described you have hand on numpad
but I don't think that request will be treated seriously
but thank you for moving it to that list

I'm obviously missing something.  "Take your hand off the keyboard"?
My numbers are are on my keyboard, so my hands are already on the keyboard when I'm typing numbers.
My numeric keypad off to side has a decimal ("period") in addition to the period on the main keyboard.
Where do you keep your period key, if not on the keyboard?  Maybe you can see why I'm confused.

I can follow the programming logic of your request, but since typing "003" and ".03" both require three keystrokes, I don't really see the point. (No pun intended.)

Oh well.  As long as it doesn't interfer with "normal" input techniques I won't complain.

you're right I mean typing only numbers without . this
as you're working 90% with numbers its easier to type 002
then think all the time where you need to put . this
I made a mistake in above  statement if you need to type 0.001
instead of that you just type 001 as numbers start from zero and 00.1 makes no sense
it should give 0.001 , hre you typing 5 and with my case only 3 , again when working 90% with numbers it will make a slight difference , I'm not talking about something big here , a tiny tiny difference 

you might ask what if I want to type 0.564 , in that case 0564
as it starts from zero point goes after zero, if you need to type 10.750 then you can't use that conversation
I'm talking about only numbers that are faction from 1 and starts from 0

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