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Definitely this year.

That is very very good. Hope it's not going to be experimental for another couple of years.
I want to ask about stencil warp and other warp functionalities of stencils.
Now when you're part of Adobe, can you give at least close to photoshop level of freedom while working with stencils?
I mean painting character face is not as easy like in competitor software
stencil workflow has been improved in painter but still lacks of some crucial functionality.

Many of the improvements are close to done. I think at this point it is better to wait while we're developing for it. Now that the Maya 2.0.0 plugin is close to release, we have revisited 2.1.2 and will have 2.2.0 instead. I think some of the improvements there are too important to have a release one week, and another a few weeks later, especially compatibility with Substance Designer 2019.1. This next week will be the final week of work for 2.2.0.

The timeline has nothing to do with the Adobe acquisition. We've had heavy work on the Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and Maya integrations, which has affected it the most.

Hello Galen  !

Can you confirm that plans are to release long awaited 2.x this week ?

Thanks !

No, we are not using CUDA, good old OpenGL.

If you use OpenGL , then what part in GPU are responsible for painter designer speed ?
I mean speed of painting , ability of handling dense objects (several objects at same time)
you said "Vram and processing power of the GPU" are most important.
What part is responsible for higher "Processing power" in terms of Nvidia GPUs (if CUDA has to do nothing for painter/designer)
At which part of GPU specification should I look when purchasing any new nvidia card ?

I think that full UDIM support is as long awaited feature
that it should be somewhere around the corner with even "not fast" development
it's requested for 3 or 4 years .

Vram and processing power of the GPU, both the Substance Painter and Substance Designer texture processing and blending engines being 100% GPU based.

Texture processing and blending engine are directly calculated with CUDA cores right?
So more cuda cores and more their frequency is better .

You should definitely get better performance, especially with large projects.You will also soon be able to leverage the RTX for baking.

But for painter and designer Vram is still most important feature of gpu right?
I mean you are baking once  , and then work for most of a time on painting and rotating complex object
So smoother faster viewport is all about vram and cpu I think.

Hello !
I saw live link to renderman "Texture Streaming Experimentation" it was quite exciting
any progress on that ?

The plugin does not install inside the maya2019 folder anymore, it now installs in a similar structure to how Arnold does.

On Windows, it will go to C:\Allegorithmic\SubstanceMaya\2019\...
On MacOS, /Applications/Allegorithmic/SubstanceMaya/2019/...
And on Linux, /opt/Allegorithmic/SubstanceMaya/2019/...

The 1.4.0 version that shipped with Maya 2019 also installs in the same way.

We did this for a few reasons. It's much easier to manage being outside of Maya's install directory and the plugin can now exist or be moved anywhere, as long as the .mod file is updated to point to the new location. This is something studios have been wanting for a while.

I got it now , thanks .

Maya 19 ships with 1.4.0 , i want to install 1.4.1
I have maya that has no substance plugin when installing by default
So I make 1.4.1 fresh install , not over old plugin

But when im installing it is not extracting anything , Then I thought maybe i will try to install manually, so I xtracted installer with 7zip and it is not containing any dlls or any plugin files. Is that installer  just configuring existing plugin rather than installing files?

Hi !
Are you sure it's workable plugin ?
it's not extracting anything in maya2019 folder , looks like it's nothing there in installer 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Regarding stencil wrap
 on: February 05, 2019, 11:30:57 pm 
Hi !

Stencil wrap/skew/deform ! long time ago requested feature , It's even been voted
I'm not going to ask any ETAs it's meaningless and I understand I'm not going to get answer regarding time anyway

I will ask about stencil tools , as I'm mostly interesting in facial painting and need stuff like clone areas and wrap eyebrows ..
In other words work on skin like other well known software does.
Will painter 2019 have something new regarding stencil workflow ?

cant wait! hopefully, we can buy a license, before adbobe get´s their hands on it... but maybe it´s too late, already :/

I'm sure Adobe got interested in substance products after he saw Alchemist .
So maybe there is mutual work even on beta stage regarding alchemist
I think they already have hands on it , new products is always exciting for buyer
personally I believe in adobe allegorithmic collaboration , they will make amazing products together.

What GPU you would recommend to flawlessly work with 8k instant workflow ?
will that plugin use RTX cores or CUDA ?

When do you plan to release 1.4.1 hotfix ?

Hi there ! I saw painter & designer 2019 ) Does it mean you're preparing release soon?

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