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I am excited about the future of Substance 3D but frustrated about where we are today.

Last night, Substance Launcher tried to install a series of updates. I let it run overnight and when I woke up this morning, I found Launcher trying to continually download and install the same updates. I rebooted and got a message on Launcher "New product builds available" with a link to download the new installers. Fine.

I am in the middle of a project. I do not have time to worry about upgrading or migrating. So, I decide to launch the apps and get back to work only to find that I cannot launch Painter, my Designer projects are unable to find any nodes, and Alchemist wants to update to 3.0.0 "Waffle"...whatever that is.

While troubleshooting Designer, I discovered that all of the Substance 3D apps were installed on my computer. I just cannot access them via the Launch or Start menu! I can start and activate them using my Substance account, but it leaves me with some questions:

1. Are these complete installs? I have no way of knowing if the installation was successful.
2. I can see copies of the old executables on my hard drive. Were the old versions not properly installed?
3. If I want to use the old versions to complete my current projects, how do I reinstall them?
4. How can I access Substance Source and my materials and credits? I cannot access Source through the Launcher (it just gives me the running dots) and when I got to Source through my browser, it takes me to an Adobe-branded version that tells me I have no credits.

Any help or guidance would certainly be appreciated.

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