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1. Yes, you have until the end of October to get your perpetual version.
2. You will not get new credits but you will keep access to the materials you downloaded and you will keep any unused credit.
3. Yes, definitely!

Thank you Jeremie, most helpful!

Hello Jeremie, everyone,

Jeremie, apologies for asking the same questions you must have answered many times already, but I guess everyone's circumstances are slightly different, and people are buying through various platforms like Steam/etc, so it's hard to figure out exactly what applies to me.

1. I started my subscription in August 2019 directly through Substance's website. I now have the option to purchase the perpetual license, which I'm considering to do. Do I have to do it this month, or can I wait October 2020 to get the later version?

2. Would I still have access to Substance Source materials once I switch to perpetual license? I havea quite a few credits accumulated over these months of subscription. Would they stay/disappear/ or would I have to pay a monthly fee any time that I want to access Substance Source once I switch to perpetual?

3. Can I own a perpetual license, say for personal projects, and also purchase a monthly subscription as/when I need for commercial projects in case if I need access to the latest build?

Thank you in advance!

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