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While I can open en work with Substance Painter without a logical or even a physical connection to the Internet, Substance Designer (the lastest straight from the horses mouth downloaded and installed this mornig), seems to have a problem with starting it's License server when my Firewall is active. That is PMO big time, since it worked flawlessly until an update last week (by the lads and lasses from Redmond, Washington, USA I must add). Now, there are more reported issues involving the license server on this forum, but this is so specifically related to an update, that I this could be csusing it. And it's not network related at all, that is the nice part.

Try this:

- Wifi on
- Internet connected
- Firewall on (and a nice set of allows in place for Substance Designer in place, trust me I know what I'm doing <- famous last words)

EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, License server tanks, Substance Designer gives a message and says goodbey, see you soon!

- Wifi off
- Internet not connected in any way (no wires policy in place)
- Firewall off (not a problem since now my PC does not know the Internet exsists)

TAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAA, Substance Designer runs as happy as a clam.

So I have a workaround involving a few clicks, but the question remains, why!

Greets, Artisan S.

P.S.  I've send you a nice set of log's, screenshots, texts and description in the in principle all you need to get things going at Allegorithmic home base!

When I have 2 layers of leather on a bodesuit (both at the same UV scaling of course) and I want to mask color I get a normal map for free (see picture).

What the hack am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

greets, ArtisanS

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