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Thank you for all these information guys. I am paying a monthly subscription since October 13th 2019, which means I have already paid my 12th month and now I am about to pay $49 to get my perpetual licences. (1) I would like to know if I will be entitled to another year of small software bug fixes. (2) I would also like to know if after having my new Painter and Designer perpetual licences and I decide to update them in two years time if my only option is to purchase a full licence from Steam..?
Thank you in advance for your patience. I know is not easy to answer all the random questions. I appreciate your efforts.

Osmar A.

Hello guys!
I would like to confirm with you that I will not lose the right to get a perpetual license in October 2020. I've been paying consecutively since the 7th of October 2019, but this month unfairly you left me without a license just because your system was too slow to check, deal, or see my payment reflected in your accounts. This month I have paid my 8th consecutive bill, but it seems you cannot see it somehow although I paid on the 7th of May. I emailed Jeffrey Galdamez (Customer Success Manager?) with a screen capture of the payment and still, you left me without a license.
I urge you to amend my license and my account. This is just so stupid and your customer service is just so frustrating.
Can you please reply quickly for once to the emails or in this forum?

Osmar A.

Can you please amend my account? You are frustrating. I recently moved home and I guess that affected somehow the card payment, but as soon I received the message from you I made the payment. I had still 9 days left to pay. four days after the last payment or after your message, finally, it reflected on my bank account. I still had about 5 days left and at some point when two days were left you send me another message saying there were 2 days left and you still haven't received the payment. I contacted you and after 3 days I still have no answer.
Now I am without a licence and I refuse to open another one.
Every day that passes I lose hours of work, and I doubt you would take care of that.
I sent you many emails and you are very slow to reply.
Can you please, please, please, please help?????????

I see that this issue continue happening. Every month I have to Activate my substance software using account. if this is the right behaviour, it feels quite abnormal.

Could you please advice for a better solution?

Thank you in advance, team. You are doing a great job with this software otherwise.

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