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@profmarkc We will be flexible with the exact cutoff time, don't worry :)

Thanks for the confirm - put a reminder in my diary - Oct is not that far away!

I am waiting to the last moment before buying a final year of maintenance on my perpetual SP and SD licences (expired last November-ish). Have I understood correctly theoretically the deadline is midnight on October 31st 2020?

I assume in order to avoid time zone problems, admin issues etc (31st is a Saturday) it would be safer to renew a few day before the end of the month?

I am not sure how strict you are going to be about the deadline - so want to be very careful not to miss it. Hence me seeking clarification.

A PS comment about all the bile being spewed about perpetual licences being taken away. My view is just deal with it. If you don't like the direction of travel take your money elsewhere. No bile form me.

Good news. I just had the same issue on my MacBook Air. I reverted back to previous version that works fine. It is really nice to be able to use SP on my carry to work laptop - albeit not a machine for serious work. But I am realistic and expect at some point an app like this will no longer work on my Air.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: ID map woes
 on: June 04, 2018, 05:53:56 pm 
Fantastic. Thank you.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - ID map woes
 on: June 04, 2018, 03:47:49 pm 
I have been trying to bake material colours (from fbx) to build and ID map. I had colour bleed, and after some unsuccessful googling decided to bake the ID map externally - in my case using a modo Surface ID map. The map I bake externally has no bleed and I want to replace the ID map I have with it.

I can't find anyway to load an ID map - other than when you start a new project. Can you?

Ok thanks helpful. I have B2M3 - which I have never used, and as a hobbyist I am only tinkering so a library of materials is not really needed. As for the theoretical upcoming software - let's wait and see!

So I think I am still best to upgrade - when I need to.

I have a SD 5 Indie license that I can buy a years maintenance for $75
I have a SP 2 Indie license for which maintenance ends at end of September 17. After that point also I can get another year of maintenance for $75

Or I can move to Substance ~10$ a month for 6 months then ~$20 for 6 months. And if I cancel ~100$ to retain a licence. And I assume in year 2 it is ~20$ every month.

As an existing Indie license owner it seems a no brainer to me to keep paying the annual maintenance cost. I own what I have paid for and can skip maintenance if I want.

Are their any advantages to being a Substance subscriber I have missed? The difference in cost is really quite big so I would have to be getting something pretty valuable to justify switching.

BTW I am entirely happy with the options - I just want to ensure I have not missed something.

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