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"We are scared to lose perpetual licenses because Adobe does not use perpetual licenses"
Edit: if you have a perpetual license, you will keep it, it's your.

Hey Vincent, I'm just having a hard time believing (in a good way) because I own a perpetual license and I love this software till death. So just to final double check, (anyone can reply to this), since I'm a perpetual license holder I get to keep using the software, of course, it's going to be outdated as soon as I am out of the one year update program right?


I know Vincent has already answered your question, but I'd like to add, I have Adobe CS6 Master Collection, perpetual license, and the programs I use continue to work. (On Win7 x64 and Win10 x64.) Adobe has never tried to cripple the software, nor have I ever had Adobe try to strong arm me into signing up for CC.

I hope this reassures you, (and others,) about your perpetual license(s) for Allegorithmic software.

All true L'Adair, my dad uses Lightroom 5 and it runs and runs and runs....until he has to update his computer for a newer one. Since I doubt it he will have an install file (nope I asked) somewhere stashed save and sound. That I have.....on multiple places, disks and media (and OS-ses). What I'm worried about are dependencies. What when I buy a new videocard (lets say a RTX2080 TI) would that baby still pay ball with 2018.3, somehow I would hope so....or I'll have to take my business elsewhere. Or a new driver for my old card is not compatible anymore.....there can be pitfalls.

And to Vincent. on the same note, I upgraded to perpetual last thursday and have a maintenance date till 3-2-2019, so no year extra support and updates for me. Not that I care, since I will be (no doubt painfully since I loved using it, even with all it's shortcommings) fasing out Substance out of my pipeline, but I just wonder why.....

And to Adobe:
-  I would love to see some PS features in Substance Painter to make it more Painterly. I checked out 3D Coat and loved thier color pallete right away.

-  Brushes should save themselves during a session and on a project basis without me asking to. Countless times I needed to rebuild a brush just to make some small correction. And I don't wanna clutter my desktop with thousansds of brushes I don't need (anymore).

- Revise masking so a mask is a mask is a mask. When you mask a material you have to change settings for most of the underlying layers, that is okay the first time but when you make really complex materials....not so much.

- Learn to stack materials....thes color ID thingy is a lot of work te set up (maybe that is a Blender thing). I used Gimp (oops) and exported to png transparancy with alpha to make stacks of tha materials and blend and mask them into one set of texture files. You sort of invented this procedure so integrate it into Painter, please.....

- Make choices persistent....having to set the save to directory is no fun at all for every item you texture. Changing formats all the time is (direct X and open GL for instance) no fun either.

- 4K screens are on the rise........I need glasses in front of my glasses to see the tiny fonts SP is using....SD is loose the engine you have written SP in with all it's limitations, C++ or C#, arn't that bad.

So after the smoke has cleared what remains. Hope ((c) Leia Organa (Lucasfilm, Disney)). Nothing more but also nothing less. For now I cool with all the limitations.....if some of the points I brought up are solved and Adobe shows that it knows how to handle a product like SP/SD I may return. If it's stacked in the CC, I won't no matter what.


I will stop investing time in Substance Painter/Designer and revise my pipeline (once again) in order to only work with software of companies I trust (and that is no-one basically). This whole shlamazzle only points into one direction in my opinion. I for me have spend my last 60 dollars on code. No 3D Coat, no Quixel, no Marie and no ZBrush for me thank you verry much even Microsoft will have to go sooner or later in favour of a Linux computer.

I invested time and money in David 3d scanning software: eaten by HP and basically gone.

I invested time and money in Kolor: eaten by GoPro and well and truly gone

I invested time and money in Allegorithmic: eaten by Adobe and well I don't do Adobe.....

so who is next to disappoint me.....

From now on it's open source or no source.....Linux, Blender, Krita, Gimp and Inkscape will be in my toolkit and together I can get to the same results as I do using the Substance Suite, not as confortable, not a s fast, but the endresult will be more or less the same.

I was proud to use Allegorithmic because it was made by an independant software company
I was proud to use Allegorithmic because it was used by all the major studios.
I was proud to use Allegorithmic because it was made in Europe
I was proud to use Allegorithmic because it was made in France a country I know
I was proud to use Allegorithmic because it was made in Clermond Ferrand a city I know

All that changed in one mail....and yes I know you are still in Clermond, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

I whiched I could say Au Revoir but this is an Adieu!

Perpetualised my subscription and downloaded 576 materials I had saved up.....not in that I have a splitting head ache.


A few years ago another cool innovative funky French company was bought up by an American box pusher....this is their funcy cool website since september 2018,

when the cool box pusher realised that VR and panorama wasn't their business. Even restarting the business was impossible and a whole strong community was left without any options and emptyhanded.

American companies are complete shareholder driven.....and they are legally bound to their shareholders interrests and these alone, so they can't be trusted. I've been at the receiving end of such a move myself when a Dutch ICT company I worked for was bought by an American staffer, a few month after the deal most of the original personal left the company, and factually the staffer had only bought leased chair, leased servers, a rented building and some leased pencils.

No this is GREAT move in the Trumpian sense of the word.

2018.1.2. Nope no fix......but at least using 200% I don't get the advantage of more resolution in the Interface.....but coming from a 24 inch a 32 inch looks less puny on my desk :(. Luckily most of my Open Source software like Blender and freeware like DAZ3D can do the trick (Blender with and without help from Windows). Shame on you Qt team.

But Substance Designer has no problem with it!

On the Left: Substance Designer scaling perfectly
On the Right:  Substance Painter scaling hopelessly

Windows at 125%

Greets, Ed.

Could you tell which Network cards are the culprit......if those affected share that info, other now what NOT to buy! And it might help the lads and lasses at Alle grand central as well.....

Greets, Artisan

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: 41 days remaining
 on: September 27, 2017, 11:33:28 am 

Greets, Ed.

While I can open en work with Substance Painter without a logical or even a physical connection to the Internet, Substance Designer (the lastest straight from the horses mouth downloaded and installed this mornig), seems to have a problem with starting it's License server when my Firewall is active. That is PMO big time, since it worked flawlessly until an update last week (by the lads and lasses from Redmond, Washington, USA I must add). Now, there are more reported issues involving the license server on this forum, but this is so specifically related to an update, that I this could be csusing it. And it's not network related at all, that is the nice part.

Try this:

- Wifi on
- Internet connected
- Firewall on (and a nice set of allows in place for Substance Designer in place, trust me I know what I'm doing <- famous last words)

EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, License server tanks, Substance Designer gives a message and says goodbey, see you soon!

- Wifi off
- Internet not connected in any way (no wires policy in place)
- Firewall off (not a problem since now my PC does not know the Internet exsists)

TAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAA, Substance Designer runs as happy as a clam.

So I have a workaround involving a few clicks, but the question remains, why!

Greets, Artisan S.

P.S.  I've send you a nice set of log's, screenshots, texts and description in the in principle all you need to get things going at Allegorithmic home base!

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: download servers
 on: March 18, 2017, 08:53:47 am 
Jeps, I guess the bandwith you are leasing from Amazon just does not cut it if all Substance users start downloading at the same time. Possible solutions:

1) Lease more bandwith (expensive and brute force)

2) Shedule the downloads so the whole community is not enticed to download all at the same time

3) Reduce the update frequency since frankly I have to say, I rarely run into deep, deep trouble with your products, sometimes just communicating an error instead of fixing it (and creating fewer but large updates/upgrades) works just as well. If I can't use a node for some time, and that node is not that critical, I would not run away yelling and screaming

4) Release delta's only, a clever CVS should be able to do this if you program modular

I've managed to download an update for Designer the other day, an update for Painter failed yesterday (I had to close my browser previously leaving me with an unfinished part) and since then Amazon and my comp are not on speaking terms.

Maybe an old-skool FTP server would be cool.........

Greets, Ed.

Yeps, I've downloaded it ASAP and it works......small tip Wes.....release dependent software first :-), saves me a smal cardiac arrest and some vile cursing. Back to business (which is modelling a small cathedral < and there is no such thing a small regarding cathedrals).

Greets Ed, a yet again happy chappy!

Thanks a lot time when "merde" like this happens (Pardon my French). maybe communicate first release later....would have saved me some frustration (and time).

But all forgiven and forgotton......I'll start texturing in SD instaid of SP, since I wanted to master that anyway so now is a good time to start!

Greets, Ed.

I found the answer.......the top layer should only affect I don't call that intuitive....(since the top and bottom layer are duplicates except for the color). Is this intentional or is this a bug?

Greets, ArtisanS

When I have 2 layers of leather on a bodesuit (both at the same UV scaling of course) and I want to mask color I get a normal map for free (see picture).

What the hack am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

greets, ArtisanS

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