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I have now rolled back to SP2.1.1.1251 (not build 1212, which Jeremie had suggested), because this was the latest version which had worked well for me (only the issue with plugin windows must not be undocked and moved, but I can live with that).

I tried just starting the older installer, and good enough it didn't complain about a 'newer version already installed', instead it did the roll-back without hesitation.

Now, in SP the issues from the 2.2 version no longer exist. At least I can resume work now.

I think this makes it very clear, that the problems I had have their roots in some change in Substance Painter from version to version 2.2?

Now Substance Painter is complaining on every startup that there is a newer version existing and if I want to update... I hope there will be another update which I can try then again.

I always have the same problem, when working on (tight) interiors like an airplane cockpit, and similars.

I needed to cut the meshes apart in my 3D application, prior to working on them in Substance Painter. Like deleting the walls, etc. But this solution doesn't work for any material zone, because i.e. the surrounding cockpit wall was UV-mapped as a whole. In these cases I still cut the mesh, textured the two halves seperately, and later merged the texture maps manually in Paintshop...

Thank you to Jeremie and Nicolas for picking this up. The issue is very unfortunate for me, comes at a moment where I need to do a lot of textures for two projects...

Now, before rolling back to SP2.1, I did another test run in an attempt to control all variables.
I used a project mesh which I had successfully finished working upon previously in SP2.1, so to make sure it is not a problem of the mesh.
I just only loaded the mesh as a new project, I did not yet even bake any textures, just the mesh loaded.

While the mouse cursor works normal everywhere on the screen (including all SP2.2 Tabs apart from the 3D view), as soon as I enter the area of the 3D view, the cursor gets stuck and is only updated every 5 to 10 seconds. Just only hovering, not even painting.

In the background, all 8 cores of my CPU are busy at around 35%, and the CPU uses 9GB of its RAM (there is no other application running at this time).
The GPU is also busy, between 20 and 50%, and it has used all of the GPU RAM with only 30MB (!!!) remaining.

Don't know what CPU and GPU are doing in the background to this amount of workload and memory usage, because there is no task for them whatsoever, except moving my hovering mouse cursor from A to B.

As soon as I manage to get the mouse cursor outside the 3D view, it is immediately recovered and very smooth and working well, even if it is still hovering over any SP Tab. But moving (hovering) inside the 3D viewport again, it is immediately stuck again, updating only every 5 to 10 seconds, kind of 'jaggy'.

Im going to roll back to SP2.1 a little later (have some business outside, first). I kept the installer for SP2.1 backed up anyway, so as long as you guys have not changed anything on this, I prefer using this one which worked well for me, instead of downloading it again? And hopefully I can roll back by just installing 2.1 over 2.2, or will it refuse and I need to first completely uninstall and then re-install? Because I'm scared what will happen to my installed materials and mood pack and screen settings?

Could you try rolling back your drivers to version 362?
We've noticed more TDR error with the most recent NVidia drivers.
Also, did you check this?

As for the TDR timeout thing, yes, I had mentioned in my post that I have tried this, but it made no difference. Also I had attached my log and xdiag file.

My driver version is 368.39, I had remained with the 362 for a while because of your suggestion, but then after long time wanted to keep pace with drivers, because I don't want huge gaps. However this is not the most recent NVIDIA driver I'm using, because they send updates really too often, and it keeps me away from work all the time. They are now offering 368.81 but I'm still delaying.

However I am definitely not ready to roll back to a 362 driver (even if I knew how to do this), really. My SP2.1 used to work well with the current driver 368.39, the problem occurred after updating to SP2.2, so this is where I expect the bug. Should I be forced to fall back anywhere (and I MUST do something, because my work is delayed already, right now I'm in desperate need for Substance Painter for two projects) then I would downgrade Substance Painter from 2.2 back to 2.1 which worked just fine, apart from the bug with the plugin tab which was not allowed to be undocked and moved. I can't see how the problems I am having with SP2.2 as compared to SP2.1 can suddenly be caused by my hardware, really?

I tried the 'Change in the registry how long the OS should wait for reply before killing the driver call' thing, like it is suggested in the cryptic log file, but it didn't change anything.

I also tried a small small prop, which changed a little, this one finally rendered, but honestly this is not serious work with only just a few hundred polygons.

Please don't blow up Substance Painter to an amount where it requires supernatural and expensive special computers? I mean, my computer is not THAT bad, i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz, also the good old GeForce GTX 760 (192-bit) is still more than many people have on their computers, shouldn't this be enough? The machine runs well with Lightwave with huge files, hosting a Poser scene open at the same time, rendering Firefly or Lux-Render or iRay and do a little internet research in the meantime, also playing an RC-Model Flight Simulator on both large screens without any interruptions or jaggyness in the frame rate, why not Substance Painter?

Same here, baking just only two material sets of 4096 size and adding materials to them froze SP2.2 for around 5 minutes, then it crashed. Even if I don't have a monster graphics card, only an NVIDIA GTX-760 with 2 GB dedicated and 4 GB total memory, this hadn't been a problem in the previous version. I had painted many more textures at a time on even larger props before, so I'm confused. I could watch the (dedicated) memory on the graphics card being eaten up entirely.

But even BEFORE baking anything, just after loading the mesh, it already became very stiff to handle. Funny enough, while the brush was inside the 3D viewport it made huge jumps and was very jaggy, as soon as I left the viewport and hovered in one of the tool tabs, or also outside SP2.2 at all, the mouse was immediately back to normal, very smooth and soft...

Then after baking the two material sets, I tried to do a test render in iRay, this was when SP2.2 froze for like 5 minutes, then crashed and shut down without any message or comment.

Thank you, Froyok.
I'm just confused because the 8k option showed up without hesitation in the former version 2.1.0. So does this mean, you increased the threshold in version 2.1.1.?
The previous version was broken and wasn't detecting hardware properly. This is now fixed in 2.1.1.
Can you also attach a dxdiag ?

Thank you very much Froyok. The thing is, I'm actually confused over my VRAM. I never paid much attention to this value, but in my opinion the value of 1.5 GB sounds funny. I assumed I should have 4 GB, but I'm not sure and I can't find any documentation for my computer so far, I purchased it in May 2014. Even the GPU Meter Gadget I'm using shows 1.5 GB, but this value sounds unfamiliar to me. The DxDiag shows 4 GB, if I understand it right...? Is it possible that some memory bank broke on my GeForce card?
I'd really appreciate some advice, if you can figure out what the problem is?

Thank you, Froyok.
I'm just confused because the 8k option showed up without hesitation in the former version 2.1.0. So does this mean, you increased the threshold in version 2.1.1.?

I studied the log file myself, and found
[WARN] <Engine Configuration> Export resolution clamped to 4k. More than 2GB of VRAM are required to allows 8k export (1475MB detected).

My processors RAM is 12 GB, while the GeForce GTX 760 has 1.5 GB. Can this be the reason, Substance Painter accidentally checks my GeForce RAM where it should check the processor's RAM? Or did you increase the threshhold in the graphic cards RAM for clamping from 1.5 to 2 GB from Substance Painter v 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 ?

I have now also updated my NVIDIA driver. I had prohibited this before, because of your warning to remain with a driver below 362.xx (I had 361.something), but as this post of yours was from April, I decided to go for the up to date driver, which is 368.39.

It installed well, seems to work without issues with Supstance Painter I-Ray renders, but it didn't change anything about the lost 8k(experimental) export feature. Still, this is no longer shown in the export resolution options, while it used to be there before with the previous release Substance Painter 2.1.0.

thank you for picking this up, sorry I forgot the log file. Here it is.
Warm regards, Charlie

Now I have the same problem...  :-\

I used to have the 8k option for export with Substance Painter version 2.1.0, but surprising (and disturbing) enough, after the recent update to version 2.1.1. (last night) I no longer have the 8k option...! Now (after the update) it shows only the usual options of 128 bits to 4096 bits, but the 8k has gone missing  :(

Was this the fix which had been mentioned earlier? Or is there some hope for recovery (without re-installing the previous version)?

I'm on Windows 8, 12GB RAM, 64Bit/8Core Intel Core i7-4770, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (2GB RAM)

Okay guys, after spending quite a lot of time in the forums since last night, I finally found an answer to my problem. Want to mention it here (even if it's duplicate), so others can avoid wasting time in desperate search.

While Substance Painter and Substance Designer can be activated from the Trial version by entering the license key, this is NOT the case for B2M3.1 !!
For B2M3.1, if you had installed the trial version previously and now have purchased the software, it needs uninstalling the B2M3.1 trial version, and then installing the full version from the download which was provided after confirmation of your purchase.

That's the whole magic, in simple words. All those people who just answered 'You don't need a license key for B2M3.1' in the various forum threads were right, however they missed the point. This information is not helpful, if my B2M3.1 notoriously keeps telling me 'trail version'. The information needed is:

Unlike Painter and Designer, for B2M3.1 you need to first uninstall your trial version, and then re-install from the purchase download link a full version.

Is this information still valid for B2M 3.1?

I have the same problem with Bitmap2Material 3.1.

The program keeps showing in the headline _Trial.sbar, also I HAVE received a license key for it when purchasing the Indie Pack, but can't find anywhere to enter it? When I pull a texture map into the viewport, it keeps showing a watermark (S)...

I managed to activate Painter and Designer without problems, but fail to make the 'Trial' in B2M3.1 disappear...

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