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I checked the smart material shelf for those ressources not found' materials, and I found like 5 materials which seemed to be installed in the wrong place. According to their suffixes I removed them from the smart materials shelf and pasted them to the ordinary material shelf.

After this, I cannot find 'ressource missing' messages in the log file anymore. However I could not notice a speeding up in the filling of the shelf.

In my perception it was not this slow before. I never before saw these red buttons ('Creating thumbnail's...' message at bottom of screen), but maybe they were introduced in SP2.3?
Since updating to v 2.3 I added like 10 or so smart materials to the shelf, so I don't assume this could explain the increase.

I saw many warning messages in the log file telling 'this and that ressource not found' and such. This surprises me, because after filling the shelves the materials work like expected. And it appears to me as if all materials are finally seen in the shelves, none of those which I added seems to be missing...

I made a test run using a stopwatch, just starting Substance Painter 2.3 then doing nothing apart from looking in shelf tabs to check loaded materials. It took 7 min 20 sec to fully include all materials in the shelves.

It seems like it is basically the smart materials, while other shelves are being filled immediately after opening them.

I attach this log file and dxdiag here.
Thank you very much for looking into this.

I assume I'm doing something wrong with organizing my shelves.
The issue is, that it takes up to 5 minutes for Substance Painter (2.3) to create all the thumbnails for my materials. So when I start Substance Painter, there is a time span of about 5 minutes where I need to wait for all my materials showing in the shelf. Funny enough, at the bottom of my screen Substance Painter shows 2 or sometimes even four message bars telling 'Generating thumbnail(s)...' and showing the red 'busy' light there.

I found some people in the forums having problems caused by 'Openshot Video Software', but in my case I don't have this software installed on my Desktop, so the reason must be different.

I am able to work in the meantime, but can never be sure to have all my materials already shown in the shelves. The messages sometimes don't even disappear after half an hour of Substance Painter running.

I must confess that I have around 248 smart materials in my shelf, plus the other tabs for normal materials, smart masks, generators, textures, alpha maps, and so on. So I assume that I simply do something the wrong way with organizing my material presets. Obviously I shouldn't keep them all in the shelves, but instead do some different organization?

It would be great if we could keep materials outside Substance Painter, organized in meaningful folders, and probably screening them with some 'viewer' tool, to decide which and what I need to add to my shelf for this specific project?

Also it could be helpful if Substance Painter wouldn't create all thumbnails from scratch over and over again when the application is started afresh. Instead it could save the thumbnails in the shelves, like most 3D applications do, so it just needs to load the existing thumbnails and create only thumbnails for new materials where the thumbnail is missing?

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you, Jeremie, I'll figure this out :)

For me, Substance Painter behaves exactly like the thread starter described. I took this as a bit annoying but didn't think of reporting it because I can live with this. But seeing Froyok asking for people to attach their log files makes me aware this is not a 'known and intended behaviour'.

However, my hardware is different, I don't think it is an individual problem of the thread starter.
I'm on a i7-4770 (12 GB RAM) with a GeForce GTX 760, Windows 8.1

Another thing: I think I recall, that my viewport settings like i.e. opacity of the background, blur of the background etc. used to remain at 'last configuration' when I restarted Substance Painter. But now (I think also in the previous version already) it is always reset to opacity zero and blur 100%. I couldn't find anywhere in the preference settings how to select 'keep previous settings for restart'. Is this a similar bug like the other described above, or is this meant to be like this?

Me too I would be glad to have Users Guide as PDF.

The reason is that I tend to study Software Manuals and Users Guides on my tablet computer when traveling or otherwise have time to waste, usually without having access to the internet (this is why I find time for manuals, smile, because there is no internet ;-) ...). So I have copies of Manuals on my Tablet Computer to access them whenever I have time to study...

Second problem I'm having: Why is it so difficult to find lists of keyboard shortcuts for the Substance Suite? I managed to find one for Substance Painter (Windows Keyboard), but failed to find one for Substance Designer. Even in the program itself there is no tab in the preferences (neither in the Help section) where I could find a list of the keyboar shortcuts. Also in the online documentation I couldn't find one. Maybe its just me, maybe I missed it, but it should be listed in the main help directory of the online documentation, because this is really fundamental crucial knowledge, isn't it? A PDF for it would be most appreciated, however I'm even ready to re-type it all by myself and create a PDF from it for me, if only I could find some source.

I agree it is a hell of a lot of work to figure out all UVs that need to be rotated in complex materials. Always takes me like a quarter of an hour, often I realize afterwards that this material is not exactly what I needed and I start all over again with another material...

Isn't it possible to have a 'rotate orientation' dial in the material properties which can trigger all related components which need to be rotated?

And then, the same applies for SCALING, too.

thank you very much for the transform filter. Unfortunately I am not able to try it right now, because I have currently an issue with Supstance Painter, it crashes without further notice after a given amount of time running (2 and half minutes, to be precise) and I beg someone from Allegorithmic can assist me figuring out where the bug is...

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Nvidia Drivers
 on: August 05, 2016, 02:37:04 pm 
Same here, I wrote the original poster of that warning a PM and asked to please post an updated status there in that thread.

I have removed the registry entires.

Substance Painter crashed again, after exactly 2 min 15 sec this time handling a small test mesh, on another trial (while I was just watching the 'Welcome to Substance Painter' window) after 2 min 20 sec.

The CPU showed activity of all 8 cores around 15%, while the GPU meter showed no activity (0% to 2% activity).

I tried it again twice. The difference is significant, the time delay before it crashes is now about one minute as compared to 10 to 15 seconds before I activated the compatibility mode.

After the problems with 2.2. I had followed the instructions which were mentioned in the log file, about the timeout thing, using regedit. I had to create the entries TdrDdiDelay and TdrDelay, and I set them to 60 seconds (decimal) like it was suggested by you. Can this be related to the problem I'm having now? Should I just remove the entries again, because this version 2.1 of Substance Painter used to work without problems WITHOUT those entires prior to updating to 2.2?

Another funny thing I realize is that it no longer tells me about a newer version existing and whether or not I want to update. Shouldn't it ask? It used to ask me upon every startup after I had rolled back to 2.1.1. ?

I tried to attach the log and DxDiag files, but this sent me to an error page, I can just only post the reply, but not attach the two files.

I selected compatibility mode for Windows 8 (I'm on Windows 8.1 though), and it started again. As it didn't crash after the first 20 seconds, I loaded a small mesh, and everything seemed fine. However, after a timespan longer than before (around one minute or so) it crashed again when I did nothing at all.

I have in the meantime also updated my NVIDIA driver to the latest version, just to make sure, but this hasn't helped, too.

Honestly I don't even know what this post effects (Yebis) is. So I started SP in order to search for it, and guess what? Substance Painter shut down after like 10 or 15 seconds without giving any message or warning.
On next attempt is showed the crash report window, which I filled then it started again. I left it alone entirely while it still showed the welcome window, not touching mouse or keyboard at all, and again it crashed after around 10 or 15 seconds without any message or comment.
I tried this 5 times, it always crashed after this amount of time, no matter whether or not I closed the welcome window, opened the file dialog for a new project or whatever I did. It seems time related, 10 or 15 seconds.

I then removed the two plugins (from Substance Share, 'incremental saving' and 'export masks') from the plugin folder, just to make sure the crashes are not related to this. But removing the plugins didn't change anything, SP constantly crashes now... What is wrong? After rolling back I'm now still on version

Right now I started it again in order to read the build number, I managed to navigate to the 'about window' and read it, so basically the functionallity was there, but after the usual time of 10 to 15 seconds it crashed again, while I was still reading the 'about' window... Can this be related to the entry which I created some days earlier, according to the your instructions about the 'timeout' for a non responding graphic card, in an attempt to make 1.2 running? Damn.

NVIDIA driver is 368.39  from June 7th (latest would be 368.81, I'm delaying the latest update here because I first need to finalize those two projects in progress. NVIDIA update once killed my OS and forced me to roll back to a restore point from months ago, this is why I have become careful about updates from NVIDIA, I only do it when there is no urgent task in the pipeline).

The rest of my OS is up to date, updates are being installed automatically in the background (Win 8.1)

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