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Same problem here with Substance Painter 2.4 (latest release). During baking, an error message appears (see attachment). Then when I build up the material for the asset, everything first seems to be normal in the preview, the materials show fine in the preview. Also I can add and pick base textures to and from the new designed shelf. But when exporting the final textures, some of them turn out black like described by the OP (Metal Roughness workflow, especially Base Color, not sure about others)

What I tried so far:
- run SP as administrator... no effect
- try other paddings.... no effect
- try other export settings and resolutions for export... no effect

Edited: Obviously I had made a mistake when trying out different dilation settings. Indeed the export of textures works, if I chose a setting different from 'No padding, passthrough'. Sorry for that. What happens, if I chose a different width for the padding during baking than during exporting? Do I need to memorize what setting for the padding I had entered during baking, so I can match the same width during export? Or will the settings for export automatically adjust the pre-baked textures?

Gosh, you're right, I just tried it. So I better deactivate the administrator rights for Substance Painter. Thank you for this advise, I would certainly have been puzzled again soon because I use the drag 'n drop very often...

Apart from this Substance Painter seems to run stable without that compatibility mode. I don't even know where this setting (compatibility mode Windows 8) comes from. Is it possible it was a remain from an earlier Substance Painter 1 installation and has survived all subsequent updates in Windows operating system?

Okay, here we go :-)
The bad news is, it wasn't the firewall or internet connectivity. Substance Painter was allowed in the firewall settings to connect the internet.

However your suggestion gave me the idea to check other settings. I made Substance Painter run as administrator, suspecting there might be a problem without those rights. However giving administrators rights didn't speed up the crawling.

But then I noticed that Substance Painter was somehow set to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Even if I'm on Windows 8.1, I just tried to deactivate the compatibility mode for a test, and ... bang, instant thumbnails in the shelf!!

Now I'm testing Substance Painter without that compatibility mode (I really don't know if it is needed? It wasn't me activating this...?), hopefully it can run stable without the Windows 8 compatibility mode activated?

Yes, my PC has 8 threads.

So do you mean I should block Substance Painter from the internet?

I do have a permanent Google Drive and a Dropbox. But none of them are related to Substance Painter in any way. Also the MyCloud drive does not synchronize anything about Substance Painter. All three applications only care for specific folders which are not related to Substance Painter or SP content in any way. How can they affect Substance Painter crawling, apart from maybe IRQ interrupt handling?

There was no data transfer ongoing when I tested Substance Painter. The Google cloud drive and Dropbox cloud drive had nothing to transfer, and also the WDMyCloud doesn't synchronize on its own, only when I add new content to my 3D content library I start synchronization manually.

During startup and thumbnail creation, Substance Painter uses around 13% of the processor power, the rest is idle. However SP reacts very slow to other activities (i.e. opening menus), with a delay of 1 to several seconds at times during crawling for thumbnail creation, so it is quite busy, but not using more than 13 percent of my processor power?

It is hard to tell since when the delay happens, because I have added content with time, also how can I know what is a normal and what is an abnormal startup time for Substance Painter. So it only recently appeared to me something may be wrong, because a startup time of (formerly) 7 minutes (now around 5 minutes) is really disturbing in your workflow, especially if you keep closing other applications to leave all the ressources for Substance Painter alone... So really I can'ttell since which version or what time it started, or if it was even from the very beginning with SP1, and only not obvious becaus eof much less materials?

I have added a screenshot of the 'my computer' environment.
The main c: drive does have 212 GB of free space.
Yes, the Windows Temp folder is also located on the c: drive.

Startup time until all materials are added to the shelves is now 5 minutes.
Log file attached.
I observe the Mood Pack is being added first, then seemingly materials are being added in alphabetical order. There are long interruptions for several times where no material is added any more, then after like 20 seconds it continues adding slowly one by one. Unfortunately it is hard to tell which smart material is being jammed, materials are just too many to detect this. Then when it reaches the letter 'z', materials are complete, that is after 5 minutes.

Of course I am suspect to have added a downloaded content the wrong way, so I have carefully looked through the shelf folders, but couldn't find more mistakes than the 3 'ordinary materials' which I had found in the 'smart materials shelf' already the day before yesterday.

Still I'm asking myself 'what have I done wrong here' so I can repair and even more important avoid it in the future? I could even be ready to install Substance Painter and all my custom loaded materials afresh, even if this would be hours of work. But this wouldn't solve the problem 'what have I done wrong', because I need to avoid this for the future? Of course I have studied all tutorials about downloading and installing custom materials from Substance Share. Still I don't know what confuses Substance Painter so much about the material content...?

So here is the latest status report:
I have deleted the 'my documents/Substance Painter' folder, but leaving the 'my documents/Substance Painter 2/ folder.

I have deleted the 'my documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf/Allegorithmic' folder, and after running Substance Painter, obviously this deleted folder has been re-created. The start up time until all materials appeared in the application was around 4 minutes this time.

I have attached this log file here.

Am now gonna start Substance Painter again to see if the 4 minutes reduce further, after because the 'Allegorithmic' folder has now been re-created.

Thank you Froyok, your message came just in time, I was about to follow Jeremie's advice:
You can safely delete the "Substance Painter" and "Substance Painter 2" folders in your documents, and you should, to try to solve this shelf issue

So I had already deleted both of these, but managed to restore the 'Substance Painter 2' folder from the trash bin.

However, the 'my documents/Substance Painter 2' folder doesn't have an 'Allegorithmic' subfolder which I could delete... Funny?
Update, sorry, it is of course inside the shelf subfolder. I'm gonna delete this Allegorithmic subfolder now, then test and send you the new log file...

Hello Jeremie, I appreciate very much your efforts to support me!

Just to make sure I understand you well (because English is not my native language): Froyok said
'If you deleted the folder "allegorithmic" in "Substance Painter/shelf" and not "Substance Painter 2/shelf, it will have not effect. Can you retry ?'

I have done this already, deleting the 'Allegorithmic' folder INSIDE the 'Substance Painter/shelf'. It showed no significant effect.

Now do I get you right, you want me now to delete the entire
- my documents/Substance Painter
- my documents/Substance Painter 2
folders? Because this is what you said: You can safely delete the "Substance Painter" and "Substance Painter 2" folders in your documents, and you should, to try to solve this shelf issue.
They have a total of 2.4 GB of data stored in them?

I have all my added content from Substance Share inside the 'my documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf'. I'm not concerned about re-installing these, this is work which I can do. But I am now wondering if I did something wrong with organizing my downloaded content there? Was it correct or was it wrong to install added content from Substance Share in the 'my documents/Substance Painter 2/shelf'? Would there be a different place where I could add my downloaded content, instead of merging it with the standard supplied content?

Sorry Froyok, you misunderstood. I HAVE already deleted this folder (see my post Sept 21st, 11:25), and it showed no effect on the startup time (creation of the thumbnails). Like I said in that previous post, the folder has not been restored, it is now just missing in the 'Substance Painter/shelf' folder. However the application starts up as usual, with (seemingly) all materials showing up, and unfortunately with the usual time consumption of around 7 minutes.

What I am worried about is messing around with the 'My Documents' folder (step 3 of what you proposed to try out), because this folder 'My Documents' is being used by so many important programs on my desktop, that I fear malfunctions in other applications. Like I said in my previous post, it holds 52.2 GB of data, 141,867 files in total, which are obviously mainly created by applications to host their content or data, because me myself I never store anything in this folder. I'm using a NAS server for most of the things I need to store. There may be license files, there may be other copyright protective procedures by my installed programs which I am not aware of, that diverting the folder to another drive sounds very scary to me. I can't risk malfunction of whatever software which is needed for daily work, you see?

I am worried about messing around with the 'My Documents' folder. It holds 52.2 GB of data, contains 141,867 files.
As I can't oversee the consequences for other programs I am using, I really don't want to touch it. There may be license files or whatever, and I have a large number of various programs installed on my machine, including Python programming environment, dozens of programs which I depend on every day...

I did delete the folder 'Allegorithmic' in the user/documents/Substance Painter/shelf  directory.
After this, I started Substance Painter. The delay time until the log window reported 'All thumbnails have been created' was again around 6 to 7 minutes.
I copied the log file (attached here as 'log20160921-2305.txt'). All smart materials have shown up, it didn't seem there was something missing.

Then I started Substance Painter a second time, and again the delay time for startup until completion of all thumbnails was 7 minutes 20 seconds.
I also copied this second log file and attached it here (log20160921-2315.txt'). Even when the completion of creation of all thumbnails was reported in the log window, still a red light warning with the message 'Creating thumbnail(s)' remained at the bottom of the GUI, and it never extinguished.

I checked the folder where I had deleted the 'allegorithmic' folder (almost 1 GB in size). The folder 'allegorithmic' has not been recreated there, it is now just missing there.

Okay I'm in the process of doing these. Re-Installation didn't change anything.

But when planning to deleting the Allegorithmic shelf according to your instructions, I noticed, that under Documents/  I have TWO subfolders, one named

'Substance Painter'    (containing 'plugins', 'samples' and 'shelf' subfolders), and the other named
'Substance Painter 2' (containing 'export', 'plugins', 'samples' and 'shelf' subfolders).

Is this normal? Both of them contain an 'Allegorithmic' subfolder under the 'shelf' folder, so I'm puzzled about which one to delete according to your instructions?

I also noted, that creating the shelf thumbnails starts with materials from my Mood Pack (Military Soldier), and this goes really slow. So I tried re-installing the Mood Pack, but it still didn't speed up things. So I'm waiting for your reply about the two parallel 'Substance Painter' and 'Substance Painter 2' folders, where to delete what.

Sorry I forgot this.
Startup time (until completion of creating all thumbnails) was 7 minutes this time.

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