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A couple weeks later, any news on progress?  I'm using Unity 5.6.1p1 and they do not appear to work, and Substances appear to support resolutions no greater than 2048 pixels.

I am experiencing repeated crashes with Substance Designer 6.0.2 on Mac, crashing after opening Substances from Substance Source or Share.  The sbsar file loads normally, but the moment I drag it into a graph, the application crashes.

Thanks for the reply, though I'm still a little confused how this is an issue for Allegorithmic, but does not seem to affect usage of other applications (C4D, Maya, etc).

Hi - I'm new to Substance Live, and part of what drew me in is the video demonstrating dynamic materials layering (the fire hydrant demo).  Well, after a few projects and tutorials I'm finally ready to dive in and make use of it on a project....

Only to find out that it will not work on a Mac, because Substance Painter is using an extremely old OpenGL implementation.

I love these tools so far, but find it hard to believe that something considered to be modern or advanced is restricting itself by using an outdated API.  Please consider either updating to support OpenGL 4.x (which Apple has supported for years), or their low-level API called Metal (which has been available in macOS for well over a year).

In the meantime, I feel you guys should also consider putting a disclaimer in the descriptions of demos or tutorials to call out key features that are platform-specific (ie Windows only), as opposed to burying in the detailed release notes.

Hang on a second, Apple has supported OpenGL 4.x for years, and I've had no such issues with shader limitations in other applications.  Metal is newer, but still has been available for well over a year.  For a set of software tools that bill themselves as being advanced and professional, blaming the operating system for failings in your own years-old implementations seems weak.

Hi, I'm a new member of Substance Live.  I thought the subscription program was a great idea, and was very excited about the idea of getting 30 downloads a month from Substance Source.  I figured that not only do the materials look great, but in studying them I could learn a lot about how to use Substance Designer properly.

I'm very disappointed that the Substance Source materials are effectively useless in Substance Designer.  In opening up the Dirt Roots Red substance, I find that the controls are not only locked and unchangeable, but I can not copy anything into a new package so that I can tweak the settings.

At least from the substances I've looked at so far, they also seem to be such a low resolution that they aren't really usable.

Please consider making .sbs files available, or at the very least make them of sufficient resolution & quality that customers can make use of them in their projects.

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