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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - New update this year?
 on: December 16, 2020, 12:20:33 pm 
Hey guys,

Can we expect a new release this year?

That's it.


Thanks for clarifying, Jeremie.

Also thanks to you Daf.

Good to know, but just to confirm - Do I lose the ability to upgrade my perpetual license for another year if I don't take action before my current contract has lapsed?



With my substance painter Indie license due to expire in a short while I was wondering if I can leave renewal for now and just pay for another year of updates, sometime further down the track?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, the end of the month isn't far away now.  It would be nice to see this functionality this year..

To the devs:

Are we going to see this feature make it's way to SP this year?

I'm sure I remember reading a while back that it will definitely happen this year.

Ok, thanks for your reply Galen.


Hey substance devs, I hope someone reads this.

Just wondering if there is a "live link" plugin that works with Painter and Max planned for/or in development currently.

Can anyone from Allegorithmic give me an idea if there is something along these lines in the works?


Dimension uses an in-house raytracer (it was using Vray in its first version) and uses the MDL format for its materials, same as iray.
Substance materials either from SD or SP will render 100% identical in Dimension already.

Ah, that makes sense then, perfect bedfellows...

Surely it's not a coincidence that both SD/SP and Adobe Dimension both now use IRay

This is not a criticism or a slight, merely an observation ;)

There is no indication that Dimension uses IRay, judging from Jeremie's post.  But I think that a wider adoption of the MDL format is a good thing.

And all the while the evidence was right under our noses....... :)

I'm sorry but this had nothing to do with the announcement from yesterday. You are trying to push for a narrative that doesn't exist here.
At that time it was just a partnership like we did many times before. We also integrated a Snapchat/Lens-studio shader and template for example. We do many integrations and exporters for other application inside Substance Painter. Our next version will also have a new one.

Methinks the humour of the previous post has evaded you.

No need to get defensive.  Save your energy for when you have to explain to us all why substance has become subscription-only.

Allegorithmic - You have sold out. I don't know how else to put it.

And you have broken our trust and all hope.

This is a disgrace.

The pigs have won tonight.

Hi Allegorithmic people,

Would you please consider implementing this feature request in the next update?

I imagine that this wouldn't be too difficult to do and I doubt it would mess up anyone else's workflow if you did.



It would be nice if there was an option to hide the symmetry plane completely.

I find the red rectangle distracting as I work with symmetry.



Thanks for your reply, Daf57.

Hide Symmetry doesn't work for me either.

Can one of the Allegorithmic staff please take a look at this issue?


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