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It would help to see the mesh files. Otherwise check to make sure that UV shell isn't very very small. This can cause such an issue.

Of course. You can export anything baked out and edit it in Photoshop. Then load it back in when you're ready.

You have overlapping UVs.

I didn't look further as this would be an issue you would want to fix first before moving on. You should also have more margin between UV shells. You have hard edges, but no break in your UVs.

Can you provide the mesh?

If you watch the prior live stream for Painter 2021 there was indication of the whole Blender thing. I would assume the main issue is due to the requirements under the GNU General Public License with Blender, and Substance being proprietary. I'm not 100% sure if they're still working to get something out or not, but I would also assume the legal challenges are going to heavily delay progress. It isn't as simple as some might think.

Take a cube and subdivide it to around 10 million then see how it loads in. I've taken high meshes into Painter before, just not normally.

As far as I know Painter doesn't have a hard limit, that depends on your own hardware.

Seems like a permissions issue. Try saving to another drive? Did you also try running in Admin mode?

This usually happens because you're trying to export out channels you don't have under your texture set settings.

Screenshot what you do see.

Baking low as high wont give you any normal map information so I'm not sure what you would be combining. The AO would, but yes, you would have to export out and do it that way. Mesh maps will overwrite upon new bake.

If you're using polyfill you want the faces you're applying the fill to have straight UVs. Otherwise to combat this problem you would have to increase your texel density but that may not be an option if you're fully utilizing your UV map and locked into a 1k map size.

UDIMs are not supported which is why that option is disabled. (UV tile workflow = UDIMs)

Make sure you're using your Substance and not Adobe account.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Where is the Steam link?
 on: May 22, 2021, 06:36:03 am 
Regarding linking:,37576.0.html

For the Read Only issue did you try running Painter as an Admin?

Make sure you don't have any overlapping UV shells.

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