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Hey folks,

I'm using the default Aluminum Brushed material, and it is giving me some sort of funky edge/seam artifact - it pops on and off sometimes just from turning layers on and off, or by painting on it or adjusting height Range/Position etc - anybody have any input or suggestions or solutions on how to defeat this anomaly? Images below -

Hey folks,

I'm curious what blend modes are used when adding roughness maps to a layer stack, so I can add an additional roughness map/textures/information on top of what already exists, and have them combine together for an overall roughness affect..

For example, say I add a black and white scratches texture to be used for height and roughness - I would like to use the same scratches texture to change the roughness value of the scratches, on top of the pre existing surface roughness. I assumed linear dodge/add, but doesn't seem to work? It effects the whole mesh, not just the scratches.

So what blending modes should I be using or trying to add additional roughness information on top of or to the roughness information below it?

Thanks for any help.

Curious if I can flip the green channel of a normal map I imported into Painter. Or do I need to re import?

I am unable to reimport my .fbx into my scene. There was 1 small change I made to the geometry, where I forgot to mirror a piece of geo. So I mirrored the geo, and now it won't reimport. Painter can handle geo changes on a reimport can't it?

Hey folks,

Kind of new to Painter and UE4 -

I am curious about importing/using substance materials in UE4 - What format is used in UE4? Would it be a graph from Designer I guess?

What is the memory overhead for a fairly simple material - say one that could offer a few different varieties of grunge or rust or dirt - just to create some variety on assets in game? Is it cost effective? Or fairly expensive? What are some of the considerations or caveats to such an idea?

And would a substance material be scriptable in UE4? So I could have some scriptable, random patterns on assets throughout the world? Say a bunch of similar or instances of rocks, and using a substance material, creating a variety of moss growing on them.

Thanks for any input.

Hey folks -

I'm curious if I can use the anchor point feature to extract the MatFX rust and peeled paint effect - which is the metalness and height channels of the MatFX. I would also like to extract the color as well. Is this possible?

I saw an example on Polycount, but I couldn't get it to work.

If this is possible, can you please provide the info or steps to do it? I will owe you a beer or beverage of your choice should we ever cross paths.

Thank you.

Am I able to rotate my imported view model? Or duplicate it in scene and move it around?


Is there any documentation that explains what each of the tools/filters/nodes in the library do and/or how they work?


I saw on a video that Substance Painter only supports the PBR metalness model, and not the Spec and Roughness model. Is this correct? Or did I misunderstand?

Also, is a 2048 texture the biggest Substance Designer and painter can author?

And like someone asked before, can Substance handle non square/2:1 ratio textures?

Thank you.

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