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The 2019.1.1 bugfix is in progress.

We started the QA and we're targeting a release next week.

Thank you!


With this new version, we're introducing:
- project management: Share your library and materials to your friend and colleagues
- A completely new layer stack: more intuitive, more clear, more simple and ready to support all future features
- huge collaboration with Labs: New Delighter + Content-Aware Fill
- Welcome Screen
- Viewport controls and information improvement
Full release note here:

Note: Content produced with the beta version 0.8.1 or older is not compatible with version 2019.1. However, nothing is lost and this data can still be accessed by launching version 0.8.1.


We just released a new version of Project Substance Alchemist, the 0.8.0 version.

Release note:

And we have a new survey!!! It would be very helpful if you can answer those questions to tell us how we can improve existing features, add new elements that matter to you, and grow Project Substance Alchemist into the ultimate material library creation tool!

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