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Quixel has responded to Allegorithmic becoming Adobe. Interesting developments, good for users, perhaps not so much for Adobe.

Nice.  Some of the $900 annual cost I saved cancelling my Adobe CC sub this week can support Mixer development :)

In reading the blogs, Allegorithmic survived and flourished perfectly fine for 15 years, then two years ago Adobe joined the Alegorithmic board and suddenly budget targets had to be met (presuming bigger profits) which then led to Athegorithmic to sell to Adobe.

Lets hope Pixologic never invite Adobe on to their board.

I just received a email from Adobe last week to say my CC sub was increasing again.  Strange cooincidence.

This is very sad news :(

One of my favourite most innovative companies and products in the industry moving to Adobe :( 

Adobe destroyed Macromedia products back in the day.  Creative Cloud products get more expensive and less innovation each year.

Wish you guys all the best.   

Same for 5.5.2

Clicking on any of Weathering, Effect, Blends anything in the library displayed nothing.  I thought my install may have failed, so uninstalled and reinstalled again. 

After second install, still no change. 
I then entered Weathering in the library search field and suddenly the window started to populate with the nodes.
I then had to do this for Mask Generators, Blends to kick start them off until eventually the window would populate just by clicking the category.

Another alert relating to SD 5.4 install. 

Hi Wes,

SD5.4 build 17854 downloaded file is 201,967 kb.  I just downloaded a 3rd time and its the same size.  I tried installing again and received the same error just before installation failed. 

I usually overwrite the existing installation when updating SD.  I just created a new installation folder named 5_4 and it installed fine.  Have now removed all installs and reinstalled default, however with SD5.4 install, I get a alert from Kaspersky as per attached image.


I submitted this as a bug on Tuesday however received no reply. I'm not sure it was received so am posting here.

I downloaded Substance Designer 5.4 build 17854 and tried to install, however I received the below error during install.  I re-downloaded the file and tried again with same result.  I then tried to install with “Run as Administrator” and same result.

I am installing to my PC with Windows 10 x64bit

NB.  I tried to use the Report a Bug feature in SD which took me to this web page  When I tried to login with my Allegorithmic login details it says incorrect user or password.  Is this a separate system I now need to register for?

Thank you very much :).


But be sure it's going to be very fair :)


It usually is Nicolas :)

They are procedural for me in r16 and r17.  I have procedural dirt and wear effects in my sbsars that work fine in C4D.  Randomise seed work fine also.

If you select the C4D material created from the sbsar, you do not make changes on it.  My view is that this C4D Material is just a host for the sbsar to operate. 

You use the Substance Manager to select your sbsar (after generating the C4D Material from it) and then the full Substance inspector displays in the Attribute Manager in C4D with any exposed/procedural settings.  Sorry if you knew this already, just thought it worth a mention.

Unity 5 Standard shader takes


Adding to what Gaetan said about the remapping that the Substance integration in Unity does under the hood, your list would look like this:

Unity 5 Standard Shader
albedo = baseColor from Substance
metallic/smoothness = metallic+roughness from Substance

Unity 5 Standard(Spec) Shader
albedo = diffuse from Substance
specular/smoothness = specular+glossiness from Substance

I'm terribly sorry. This is a known problem and has been discussed in this forum already.
But at least I can now say, the update of the Substance plugin is really close to its release. And it will not only fix this problem, but also provide some new features and an increase in speed. So you have at least something to look forward to and the wait shouldn't be too long.
Again, sorry for the inconvenience, the update was actually planned in parallel to the R17 release, but we didn't quite make it...  :(

Sweet.  Can't wait to try out the updated version.  Speed, or lack thereof was the main reason I rarely use it in r16/r17.  Also better info on how to match up PBR outputs to the C4D Reflectance materials would be of great benefit. to get Substances looking as close as possible to how they look in SD.


If you are using Unity5 (Spec shader) then you want a Diffuse output instead of baseColor.  basecolor is for Metallic/Roughness workflow.

Is your normal input also from GameTextures?  if so are you feeding it directly from the map node to the output or doing some kind of filtering that might be causing the blur?  else it could be your format settings on the map input.

Agreed.  There is no consistency with it.  In most cases I ma having to manually tell the 3D Viewport to update.

nVidia GeForce GTX 780.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - Re: WIP
 on: October 19, 2015, 11:00:13 pm 
That looks interesting.  Nice work  8)

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