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I just wanted to create a substance in designer to be used as an alpha in painter

a tile sampler plugs into an output, I am exposing the basic parameters (x, y amount, pattern)

then I drag the sbsar into the painter shelf, import it as alpha, apply it to a fill mask for a fill layer

I do get the exposed x and y parameters, but not the exposed pattern type (the dropdown with brick, circle, square etc.)

any ideas?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - make tile
 on: May 31, 2019, 11:13:36 am 
Not sure, what I am doing wrong... I am unable to find a good "make tile" solution in designer

I have never been able to make sense of the "make tile photo" nodes (as pointed out in the thread linked below, even the horizontal and vertical values seem to be messed up)

and the "smart auto tile" node doesn't work for me either:
with the default settings, the "smart auto tile" node changes the "size" of my input height, but I just want to work along the edges to remove some seams - also, why don't we have numeric values for this transform?

since making stuff tile is such a common task, I was wondering, if there are any tutorials about this, or any advice

thanks, Michael

another thread about this:,26352.msg110763.html#msg110763

I already mentioned this before, but I would love to know, why substance designer is loading the 3d model upon launch/linking, and then is loading it again for baking?


I am baking with Substance Designer 2018.2 and for each bake it seems to load the highpoly - I am wondering, why it isn't loading the highpoly just one time for all bakes (normal from mesh, ao from mesh, curvature from mesh, height from mesh)

this takes ages, and when I am baking the same mesh maps (except height and curvature from mesh), Painter seems to just load the highpoly one time and then bake all mesh maps from it - which make the bake in Painter 10x faster

the inconsistency between Painter's and Designer's bakers is annoying, and please don't tell me, that they are the same.

(PS: sorry for the rant)


I assume, there is no way to prevent edge detect from detecting the input border?

would be great to have an option to toggle this on/off

cheers m

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Preserving Material ID colors
 on: November 13, 2018, 10:35:42 am 

I would like to preserve material IDs in a workflow from 3dsMax via Zbrush to SPainter/Designer

the problem I am facing is the randomisation, which is happening in ZBrush

I also posted this at zbrushcentral:

"I am using 3dsMax for modeling, and I would like to preserve my material IDs and the respective colors within ZBrush.

The idea is to NOT randomise my Material IDs, so that I can keep them consistent trhoughout this process:

3dsMax: Proxy modelling and applying Material IDs per face > export fbx

ZBrush: import fbx with material IDs, creating polygroups from material IDs, and also keeping the colors from the material IDs for those polygroups created
> export via fbx exporter, with material IDs

Substance Painter/Designer: importing lowpoly, baking highpoly material IDs, again without randomising them"

any ideas?

I think it would come in very handy, if we could preserve material ID information, because it would allow us to bake ID maps, which would be consistent with the source multimaterial colors used in 3dsMax


I am trying to create a "legacy" shader substance, starting with the "standard" template

for the viewport, I picked the blinn.

but it looks wrong in the viewport:


I am having an issue with highpoly files and Substance Designer: I am linking my high and lowpoly, and Designer instantly starts to import my highpoly. I would prefer the highpoly to be only imported when baking, but still be able to select it from linked resources.

The problem is, if I hit cancel when Designer first starts to import the mesh (when I link it), I end up with Designers import window being white and Designer stuck.

What's the point of having a cancel button, if it doesn't cancel  ::)

(noob question)

I am publishing sbsar, but I would like the dependencies for the sbsar to be linked instead of part of the sbsar

that's why I linked the dependencies in the sbs graph, assuming, that they would be linked in the sbsar as well.

any tips?

thanks  :-*

This is an issue, that has been bugging me for a while, finally I found a minute to report it

basically, as the subject says, substance designer sometimes stops exporting textures, when I switch to another window or program

I made it a habit to patiently wait until the texture export is finished, not sure if it has been fixed with the latest SD release


is it possible to display the 2D view as non square for non square textures? If not, this would be a great feature

(posting this here, since I ran out of uservoice ideas)

It would be cool, if it would be possible to scale models upon import, like in XNormal

when using large units like m, Painter is often unable to compute normals because some triangles are too small (quoting the error message)

scaling would have to be applied to the low and the high geometry, of course


as the subject says, it would be great to have more blending modes for the tile sampler (blending between background and pattern)

(If I wouldn't have run out of #ofIdeas for uservoice, I would have posted it there)

It would be awesome to have a node, that can be coded to create fractals, self similarity, mandelbrot patterns.

PS: why is allegorithmic limiting the number of ideas I can post on uservoice. this sucks. ("You've used all your votes and won't be able to post a new idea, but you can still search and comment on existing ideas.")

I have a ZBrush highres with polygroups

I am trying to bake to polygroups into a color map, by using "color map from mesh" and "color source: polygroup/submesh ID" and "Color Generator": hue shift"

the resulting map is 8x8pixels and black

I am sure, that my mesh setup is correct, because I get the ID map in Painter 2018 (while Painter is not baking the normal map for some odd reason)

the only advantage about the inconsistency between designer and painter baking is that one tool provides the workaround for the other tool...

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