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I submitted this as a bug on Tuesday however received no reply. I'm not sure it was received so am posting here.

I downloaded Substance Designer 5.4 build 17854 and tried to install, however I received the below error during install.  I re-downloaded the file and tried again with same result.  I then tried to install with “Run as Administrator” and same result.

I am installing to my PC with Windows 10 x64bit

NB.  I tried to use the Report a Bug feature in SD which took me to this web page  When I tried to login with my Allegorithmic login details it says incorrect user or password.  Is this a separate system I now need to register for?

Some screenshots in Unity 5 of my Volume 2 SciFi Collection.  This pack includes windows and doors in addition to more floor, ceiling and wall panels.

Youtube clip

The RGB numbers for the colour picker in Substance Player are black and hence cannot been seen, see attached pic.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - SD 4.6.2 available!
 on: February 25, 2015, 12:45:22 am 
It's here :)

My Substance pack just got approved on the Unity Asset Store!/content/27529

Pack includes 36 unique customisable panels.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Forum hiccup?
 on: February 05, 2015, 11:55:59 pm 
Did the forum have a reset overnight?  I was logged out this morning and when logging back in, all my posts from yesterday have disappeared.  Posts I read 2 days ago are now showing as "new".

I created a sbsar to work with Allow 2 in Unity 4.  I place a Convert to Linear node before my baseColor output that displays my substance correctly in Unity (see attached image left cube).  However, when I open this sbsar in Substance Player and then export as bitmaps, the colour space changes (see attached image - middle cube).  If I remove the Convert to Linear node in my sbsar the open in Player and export as bitmaps, they appear (see attached image right cube) exactly like the original sbsar with Convert to Linear in place.



I have created a Substance with two image inputs (masks) that are optional and work this way in SD and Unity 4.  however when I open in Substance Player, a watermark "Drop a Bitmap Here" is tiled across my textures and on exported bitmaps.  Shouldn't Player follow the same rules as SD and Unity for this workflow?

Noted I can drag two completely black bitmaps into the slots and the watermark disappears but this is cumbersome and shouldn't be required.


Substance Integrations - iClone - What workflow for iClone 6
 on: January 09, 2015, 10:06:51 pm 
Just wondering what workflow iClone 6 uses, Met/Rough or Spec/Gloss please?

How should we setup SD outputs for iClone 6 to read correctly as I see they have Specular and Reflection outputs in the iClone 6 trial.


I set my normal map output as OpenGL throughout my substance graph.  It views correctly in SD, exports correctly as a bitmap png and displays correctly in Unity 5 beta 16.  If I  import my sbsar to Unity 5 the normal output displays as DirectX.  See image attached showing png output on left and sbsar output on right inside of unity 5 for the same substance.

I export my substance to bitmaps (png) however the Height map format is not compatible with Unity 5 beta 16 (see image attached).  It is outputting as 16bit.  Yet I have not specified to output as 16bit.

If I post process the Height map in Photoshop to 8bit Unity will recognise it fine.

If I import my sbsar to Unity 5 (beta 16) then it displays the Height output fine.

I just installed SD 4.5.2 and cannot make connections stick on existing graphs.  I have recorded and sent a bug report to Allegorithmic.

I just remembered that I got a driver warning when first opening SD that I need to use nVidia driver 337.88.  I currently use 344.65 so unsure if this is related.  My substances still view fine.


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