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Oh thank you so much Glen, and damn it, some years ago I had the same problem with 3ds max files when saved under Cyrillic alphabet (they crashed), and then I said to myself to watch out for this potential error in other programs as well, but I guess I forgot :D
I am happy that I was helpful as well!
I wish you all the best, and can't wait for the update!  ;D


Thank you Glen!

Well it is strange but your sbsar test file is one of the few I can open with no problems and I even clicked on the button substance to Vray and the material translation worked like a charm, But as I said its one of the few that work,96% of other sbsar files fail on me!

This is the time stamp on the substance_linker.dll
also here is what it said when it crashed when I reproduced it
I am not sure if those are the log files you wanted, but I found them in appdata/temp, here they are:

Have you made the test, do you have the same problem with the crash?

Thank you for your fast response Glen!
 This it the message I get right after loading the sbsar file.

I the example above I loaded this sbsar file called "Exoplanet station wall cover" I downloaded from this link:

And the plugin I use I think it is the latest because I downloaded it yesterday from your official site ( substance_plugin-max-2.1.1 ) >

My 3ds max is a student version 2018, and I have Vray ABV 3.60.03

I don't know what info more I could give for now, I hope it is helpful.

And I will be happy to try some of your Substances, thank you for your time!

Hello guys, first I would like to thank you for your dedication to the community!

I have a question regarding a problem / crash I have when I try to load a sbsar file (downloaded from share.allegorithmic.comlibraries) in the substance2 map,  I automatically receive a crash report and 3ds max 2018 asking me do I want to save before it shuts down and then it shuts down!
It opens some sbsar files, like the ones in the  folders here that come with the plug in: Autodesk/3ds max/Maps/Substance/Noise
And some random sbsar files from the net, but most of them don't open.
Is it because they are made with earlier versions of the programs or something else?
But now that I think of it I tested a new one and it shutdown again, it was this one>

I would be really happy if you know the answer, thank you!

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