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Content - Substance Source - Fix Synthetic Felt Rough
 on: September 23, 2019, 11:26:41 pm 

Can you please fix Synthetic Felt Rough? It has a very noticeable splotch on it that hurts it's repeat-ability greatly.  You can even see it on the on the substance source image as well. It's the 2nd purple, flatter felt image, right before the interactive demo.

Funny thing is I am not even repeating it that much, like 1.5 and there is just a large splat that I have to try and move to edge.  No real reason for that to be in there.

Content - Substance Source - Add sbsar/sbs listing
 on: May 09, 2019, 11:43:08 pm 
On the website version of Source it has an informational listing of what it includes "sbsar/sbs" right at the bottom of the material image.  That is great.   

However, when I open Source from within Painter I don't see a listing anywhere of what is available even if you click on the material.  Can you please add it to the internal Source directory?

It would be different if every material included the same thing, but some are sbsar only.

Hi, I sent mail by the contact form but I wanted to post here. 

I have an enterprise license (not associated with this account) in which I am only allowed to log into your site by using the google sign in for security purposes. Substance source and this Forum both do not have a Google sign in option.

So I CAN access my license through your main site with a "Sign in with google", but I CAN'T access Substance Source or the forum.  Does source and the forum need a sign in with google option?  How does an enterprise with a google login sign into those resources?


Is there any way at all to transfer your paint on a model if you have to move some UV's to a different texture set? 

Obviously it does very well at projecting on uv's if you only change them within it's current texture set.  Anyway to point that old set to the new set so it can find the geom?


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