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Hi @HunterAhlquist I created a script to put different substances from substance source to a 3D cube and did not see any errors in runtime (play mode). Your LiargeBrick.sbsar did not show material on the 3D cube. I did not get any error messages on console though.
I talked to one of our developers and he said that the "Substance engine failed to load" error shows up when there is incompatibility issues.
Are you running a 32bit version of Windows?
Do you get this error when you run it in play mode, build on a standalone platform or something else.

Hello @HunterAhlquist, what info when you click on error message in console?
From Unity's menu bar can you check "Substance"->About and make sure you have the latest plugin(2.5.2)?
Are you running this on Windows or Mac?
Have you moved the plugins folder?
Have you tried Unity 2020?
Can you share your script or *.sbsar?

@elpedros No, there is no such a thing as Substance plugin for consoles. Only for UNITY. I do not know of any hacks.

Hi @Stefan Stankovic 1, did you move the plugins folder by any chance after installing? What version of UNITY/plugin are you using? Have you tried other versions of UNITY/plugin to see if they too have the problems? Has this been working before or are you using the plugin for the first time?

Hi @elpedros, are you talking game consoles in Unity's Platform? Are you asking if we have a Substance plugin for game consoles or, is this a general question for Unity people?

Hi @cedtat. This is a known bug and we have it in our bug tracking system. I will add your information to the bug and when we find a fix for it we will let you know. Thx.

Thanks @cedtat. I will check it out to see what it going on. I will get back to you as soon as I find out what is going on. Thx,

Hi @cedtat, are you having this problem because you are using Xcode 12 and Substance? Do you see the problem with Xcode 11.x and Substance?

Hey @cedtat. Can you remove the plugin and see if you get the same error when you build a simple app?

hey @andy.dys are you using a substance from Substance source? if yes, which one? This should work with 2020 and 2.5.2.
The code to use IsProcessing() function is something like this:
using UnityEngine;
using Substance.Game;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Testing : MonoBehaviour
    // USE: ceramic_porcelain_cracked.sbsar
    public Substance.Game.SubstanceGraph graph; // MUST BE ASSIGNED BY THE USER (in the GameObject's script section)

    static int c = 1; // fraction of a color's scale
    static int dc = 1; // step of a color's scale (from 0 to 10)
    static Color color;

    void Start()

    void Update()
        if (Substance.Game.Substance.IsProcessing())

        Debug.Log("Changing color...");

    void UpdateColor()
        // ...............................................
        if (c >= 10)
            dc = -1;
        else if (c <= 0)
            dc = 1;
        c += dc;

        // -----------------------------------------------------
        color = new Color(0.1f, c / 10.0f, 0.1f, 1.0f);
        graph.SetInputColor("porcelain_color", color);


Hi @james_horn_1
The checkbox was designed to enhance the caching behavior but, it is not relevant anymore since caching behavior code has been changed. The checkbox will be removed in next release of the plugin which is 2.6.0.

@malvakian The only place you can get Substance plugin is in Unity's Asset Store and the latest version of the plugin is 2.5.1 which always installs in the Assets folder. As to why you the latest version showed up at 2.4.5. I can't say why it happened.  :)

Hello @malvakian, what version of Unity are you using? Is this on a Mac or Windows? Do you see any error messages on the console?

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