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I just watched a video on YouTube entitled "Substance Designer 5.3: Using the Nvidia iRay Renderer" that walks you through how to use Substance Designer to render a textured asset. I've heard it said that the Automation Toolkit can reproduce almost all processes that could be done using Designer- is it possible to automate renders of an object with textures applied using the Substance Automation Toolkit? For instance, say that I had an fbx with a model and camera contained within it, an hdr image to light it, as well as all the file textures needed to apply to the model. Would I be able to combine these elements and generate a render of the model against a white background? Most importantly I'm curious if it can be done, but would also really appreciate it if there are any videos, articles or resources that may be out there that shows anyone doing this. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Scripting - Export layers as .spsm
 on: September 18, 2018, 12:53:37 am 
Is it possible through scripting to specify any number of layers from a painter document and export them as a ".spsm" file?

I am looking for some clarification as to how the naming of texture sets in Painter is affected by objects imported from Modo. Even though all of my Material Groups in Modo have unique names, when imported into Painter they would appear as strings of numbers like "100117" or "10013". All of the objects in the FBX I exported from Modo had their own UV set, positioned in the first UDIM tile (1001). Clearly the names are coming from this first tile number with added digits counting up from 1 for as many different objects were in the file. As it concerns Modo, where is Painter specifically pulling the names for the texture sets? Is there some kind of setting in the FBX I/O options that needs to be on for these to be read properly? I also tried naming the material inside of the Material Group (that by default is named "Material") but this didn't work either. I tried opening the Modo generated FBX in Maya and the separate objects and their materials were in the file with their assigned names. Any insight you can give would be most appreciated!

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