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I baked all the maps and started working. I noticed some weird glitches in my normal map, so I adjusted it in photoshop (hence you cannot fix paint normalmaps in substance) I reload it again in the shelf, and I also updated it in the layer stack. and now the normal map looks weird and shows very hard lines.

I must say I exported the normal map on openGL because I read somewhere that it was better for rendering later in blender. I found this on the substance site:
to change it back to DirectX. But that button is not there is 7.1

Is that the sollution?
what should I do?

I've been searching a lot for this but couldn't find it. I hope someone here can help me.
I have my objects imported from blender and I would like to paint on 1 object only.
They all share the same material. I added a fill layer with a mask and a paint layer on this mask.
Now I'm painting color away on this layer so the layer underneath will show.
But I want to paint more precise and would like to select only 1 object to paint on.
I read about using Y, doesn't work. I read about the geometry mask (which I thought worked until I turned include all on again and I painted on the rest of the model. I read about polygon fill. but I don't want to fill the whole object I want to PAINT on it.

So please can anyone tell me a simple solution for this.

How to paint on selected part of the mesh, selected faces or selected object?

Here is my screenshot. that side beam is a separated object in blender. I didn't join them. i used geometry mask but after include all it also painted on the beam on the right. i just want to paint the blue or remove the blue from that left side beam.

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