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Thank you very much!

Hi. When applying my sbsar materials to surfaces in Cinema 4D (v.23), they appear at very low resolution, both in the render preview and the output. In the material editor I have changed the texture preview size to 2048x2048 and even higher, but that does not improve the problem. I have tried this with both the standard and the physical renderer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks so much for your help. I notice that my substance materials appear at very low resolution in Cinema 4d, even if I change the Texture Preview Size (Viewport in the Material Editor) to the highest resolution. I have tried this both with the standard and physical renderers.

Does anybody know how to import Substance sbsar materials into R23 of Cinema 4D. The info printed in this forum is out of date, and refers to the Pipeline Menu in Cinema 4D, which does not seem to exist any more. Thanks!

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