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SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: Invoice filename
 on: January 10, 2019, 10:01:33 pm 
So it seems I am the only one then... too bad, then it will most likely stay like it is, I guess. But you are in good company, Adobe is also incapable of naming their invoices, must be a really hard task even for professional programmers... :)

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Invoice filename
 on: June 29, 2018, 07:34:31 pm 
Hello Allegorithmic-team,

I always download the invoices from my account for taxes and such. It is quite annoying, that when I click on any "download PDF"-link I get a file named "allegorithmic_invoice.pdf", so they all have the same filename. After downloading I have to rename them all, so I know which invoice is for which month. Sure, no big deal, but quite annoying. Could you please give the PDFs a better filename including the month and year for example?


@Galen Helfter O

Yes, this one is really strange. I have tried to reproduce it on another PC as well (one of my render nodes with the same other plugins installed, but starting 3ds Max as trial then), but there it worked fine. Still, the only installation difference between a working and a non-working SME in 3ds Max 2019 on my workstation is the installation of the substance plugin.

For what it is worth, here are my system specs:
i7-5930K, 64 GB RAM, GTX 1080
Windows 10 Pro 1709
3ds Max 2019.1 ( on maintenance plan, Forest Pack, RailClone, Vray, Phoenix, Clone, Greeble, Bercon Maps, Labyrinth, RPManager, Soulburn Scripts
Substance Player 2018.1.2, Substance Designer 2018.1.2
3ds Max 2016 with the same plugins
Adobe stuff (PS, AE, AI etc.)

What else could I do or tell you to find or fix the problem?


That is great news, thanks! I am looking forward to using a fixed version. If you still need any more info about the problems I have encountered, I'll be glad to help.

As much as you "love feedback" (see first post), I think I speak for the other users here as well when I say: We do too. :) It has been two months since the last comment from staff in here and several issues piled up. Are you still interested in it? Do you need more info to fix these problems? Is this a "not-interested"- or "too-busy"- silence? :)

I have several problems with this plugin:

- After installation in 3ds max 2019 I could no longer save the slate material editor content. Every time the scene was saved and reopened, the editor was empty again. Assigned materials were still saved with the model, but all unassigned materials were lost.
- Uninstallation is not clean at all. Then I get an error starting max (substancedealer not initialized), the substance menu is still there, but the old substance map is gone as well. Even after completely uninstalling and reinstalling 3ds Max, the substance menu is still there (with greyed-out "missing"-entries). How do I get rid of that?
- The vray connection does not work (as already said here:,22585.0.html)

So, for now, thanks, but no thanks. The potential is great and I would love it, if it worked, but it is unfortunately far from production ready! Especially with such a work-destroying bug regarding the material editor, which could only be fixed by completely uninstalling 3ds Max, repair only did not work. A lot of time wasted, since I had to do it several times until I found out, that this plugin created the erroneous behaviour.

The same for me...
3ds Max 2019, Vray 3.6, Substance 1.0

Hello Wes,

thanks for the quick info. Just for further clarification, but maybe it is the same anyway: I would not mind, if it was not an actual physical value. Just a scale parameter would be fine, so all the procedural noises and patterns just become larger or smaller (without tiling). Is that possible?



I like to use B2M to create different textures from substance files I get from source, but I often miss a setting for texture size/scale. I do not mean the pixel resolution but the scale of the procedurals so the texture could finally represent e.g. a patch of grass with 1 sqm or 10 sqm without tiling. This seems to me to be such a fundamental setting that I must have missed something somewhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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