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Hello guys

Cause i work with multiple mesh project, and have a needs to manually combining all maps  ::) i want all maps be without dillation which i can apply later after merging all together.
But dillation set to 0 only works for roughness, base color, but not for normal maps.
Why? If its because generally normal maps texture cant have alpha, otherwice will be interpret by game engine in the wrong way, weell, okay but, how to combine normal maps without transparency? Creating selection mask and delete unnecessary pixels?

Hello guys

Im not really sure is that possible to take a rectangular non-tiled texture, sample it with "Make it tile patch" and have in result tiled square, but not rectangular texture?

Why rectangular: by default textures which you can photography are rectangular, and when we crop it to square we kind of loosing a bit of information which we actually can use.
Why we need square tiled texture in the end: for games engines.

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