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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - FBX meshes problems
 on: May 03, 2017, 06:25:37 pm 
I have this kind of issue in 90% of cases. Do you know what causes it, what should I do before exporting mesh? OBJ is fine, only FBX has this problem, regardless of exporting settings I almost sure.

Hi guys,
How do you manage your brush settings? I'd like not have to adjust the same brush over and over again when switching for a different one for a moment. Can I somewhere set to SP will preserve my brush stroke settings (but still be able to go back to default values if needed)?


I am about to make a profiles for my keyboard depending on what application is launched. photoshop, zbrush, 3ds max, etc... But my SP is on a steam, so i have a hard time finding a path to .exe file. What can I do?

Oh, blending modes. Didn't try that, thank you!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Sharpening paint layer
 on: March 30, 2017, 05:04:46 pm 
Hi, I have MG generator and on top of that paint sublayer. How can I sharpen this paint layer without affecting everything else?
If i move paint sub-layer beneath mg generator, its effect disappeares. I cant add level to paint and I don't see sharpening tool.

Please help ;)

Any progress on that?

Yes, I still had the issue.
Hovering over path shows its full length fortunately, but i cant select or go into location, would be nice to could go there i guess, but whatever.

It used to work for months, why anyone broke it? :(
Thank you, it helped, I just created new folder and pointed path in SP.

But there is another issue, after restarting SP, my smart material isn't in the shelf anymore, though *.spsm file is still in the folder. Looks like SP has trouble with importing user's materials, as they were loaded once (after a few minutes of SP being launched), but disappeared again after SP restart. What's going on guys? :(

When I right click on in a layer pallete and after choosing create smart material I got massage visible on a screenshot. Why is it happening, how to avoid it?

How can I sample information from baked map by clone tool?

I have no layers in my projects at all, just baked maps. Then I create new layer and I would like to sample information from baked maps and paint over on just created layer, by using clone tool. How can I do it?



Still waiting for this feature. :)

Does substance live allow me to use substance painter? For $19.99 monthly

If yes, how? I see only $149 on a website.

Last issue was solved by installing new version of a soft. Today it happened again. It worked today, yesterday, and immediately iray mode stopped being available.

Update: this time restart helped (not before).

OK, it is available again after updating SP.

Wasted an hour.

Not to making pointless topic... Got an issue, when brush was painting white regardless what color i chose. Restart of SP helped.

Why IRay is not available anymore?

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