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Working on a substance in SD 4.1.1: I was able to publish it before. But suddenly it stopped working. I'll attach the error message and my substance.

Please help.

Here is the next one:

1. I used the same substance that I used describing the bug concerning exposed colors: a simple blend of a uniform color with a grayscale texture.
2. Load that substance into Modo and assign it to your mesh.
3. Go back to SD, change the color of the "Uniform Color Node".
4. Republish SBSAR file.
5. Go back to Modo and click "Reload SBSAR...".
6. I'd expect the diffuse map to be updated with the new color - but nothing happens.

The new color shows up if you delete the substance in Modo and load it back in. But that's not the way it is meant to be, is it?

So what is this??? I tried three things out using SD in Modo and all three failed. I'm about switching back to 3D-Coat and Photoshop ...  :(


Okay, here is another bug:

1. Open Modo and create some primitive geometry like a cube.
2. Rename the automatically created UV map from "Texture" to whatever you like.
3. Load a substance and assign the material tag of the substance to the cube.
4. The substance is not applied.
5. Check the locator for the diffuse map of the substance. "Projection" is set to "UV Map" but the "UV Map" field is blank. Whenever you try to select the UV map that was renamed in step 2 it jumps back to blank. The substance cannot be assigned.

You can make it working again if you change the name of the UV Map back to "Texture".

I spent two hours or so checking what was wrong with my substance or my mesh when I finally found out by chance that the name of the UV Map caused this problem. Very annoying.

After playing around with SD for quite a while now just to get used to it this is my first "real" project I want to use it for. So far I found this bug and the one with exposed color and that took me more time than to create my textures with Photoshop.  :-[

I hope that this was just a bad start and that SD will speed up my workflow from now on.


I created this little graph: a grayscale texture blended (multiply) with a uniform color. The color is exposed. Published it and loaded it into Modo.
As you can see in the attached picture, the default color in the "Tweaks" section in Modo does not match the original color as it was created in SD. You can also see that the diffuse map that is created in Modo has no color at all! It is just the grayscale texture. Changing the color in Modo in the "Tweaks" section has no effect: the diffuse map remains all gray.

Any ideas? I'm using SD 4.1.1 and Modo 701 SP5.


my substance is set to 4096x4096. I've got a tilable texture that is 2048x2048. I'd like to use it as the diffuse color of my substance. It should be repeated 2 times on each side. How do I wire this up? Whatever I do, the output of my substance is either 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 with the texture being resized (=blurry). That means my texture is never repeated.

I've tried the "tiling" filter. But that tries to make my already tileable texture tileable again and ruins it.

Please help!

All my other 3D apps support those devices and I'm simply unable to navigate in a viewport that does not support my Space Pilot!  ;)

I'm really missing it!

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